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Bisexual Amateur Male Models Carl & Max

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Carl and Max are relaxing by the pool and massaging each other. When Max’s girlfriend leaves, they start to get a little more hands on then she would like.

They took the boys out the beach to hit the waves (or at least try) with our new body boards before heading back to the house so they could shower and kiss. They pretty much just devoured each other as soon as they turned on the cameras…

Gay Amateur Male Model Jackson

gay amateur male photo

Jackson is serving muscles and sultry looks today, so get on board. Watch him make his way across the stage: he has an unmistakable intensity that draws you in, keeps you hooked, and then rewards you with a beautiful surprise!

Jackson was bored hanging out at the local gay club when he noticed the bartender checking him out. “Think you can handle it?” He asked.

Gay Amateur Male Model Felix

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Felix LeJour is working it out at the local gym. Working out the arms, the legs, the back and the chest. Seems he only has one area left to hit. You guessed it. His neglected glutes. So he takes it out and begins to seriously pump some weight. Before you know it, the blood is flowing and the main muscle is throbbing, and Felix is working it all out and leaving no area unattended.

Frat stud hot snow breast queen

Blonde stud showers after workout

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Jake has been tutoring Will so he can pass his class and Will has been tutoring Jake’s body in the art of being kisses down.

He has had a long workout at the gym today and is finishing up his shower in the bathroom. He walks in quietly and doesn’t seem to notice him but he has noticed and takes a few glances over at him while he finishes drying off.Β The two begin to talk and notice how fit and muscular their abs are. He suggests that they should hook up one day but he doesn’t think he can take his affection.

Gay Amateur Male Models Kory & Michael

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Sexy but academically challenged southern twink Kory has a huge crush on smooth talking tutor Michael — and seduces the older student one night after studying for a big exam. Watch Kory kiss him and then use it to fill his tight muscles. These two young studs make love until they make each other dizzy with delight.


Bisexual Amateur Male Models Max & Carl
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