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Deep south men vacation


Gay Amateur Male Models in Mexico

gay amateur male photo

The fun continues in sunny Mexico…except for recently single man who sits it out, still mooning and moping over the ex-beau he left behind. It’s enough for his friends to just let him be as they renew the spark in their relationship. Meanwhile long distance boyfriends are happy to reconnect in the Caribbean, but they have their sights set on gay couple. Fortunately they’re not interested in the same guy!

They easily make a connection at the seashore and excitedly take their mutual attraction back to the hotel. The affection for each other starts the second they fall into each other’s arms and kiss ..and it never subsides. He can’t get over the beauty he sees as he really gets him.

As they kiss in a state of post-love euphoria he ponders if they are having as much fun responds confidently. ” I don’t think that’s possible.” They’ll just have to see…




Amateur Gay Male Model Kieran

gay amateur male photo

Start the week with a bang with their newest model, Kieran. This ginger hunk is a dominant person who gets turned on by guys with big muscles and even bigger butts. He is currently partnered, but the idea of having fun with other guys drives him crazy. Thick and adventurous? He’s definately a keeper !

California is just awesome. Full of young and good looking boys who are down to have fun. Or at least to chat for a bit and show how well equipped they are. Today was no different.

Good looking guys kissing on beach

gay amateur male photo

It’s a beautiful day for a sunset stroll on the beach, so Kaleb takes new guy Freddy out to show him the sights. Freddy’s only got eyes for Kaleb and his beautiful body! The hot models head home where Freddy gets a warm welcome in Kaleb’s desire !

2 of the hottest and most handsome men around – Kaleb & Freddy. Kaleb called for an important and very secret meeting, so secret in fact that he’s taken out to sea on a private boat to meet the elusive Fredddy. But as usual he insists on personally vetting all his recruits and proceeds to put him through the paces to see if he measures up to his very high demands.


Gay Amateur Male Models Ej & Axel

gay amateur male photo

Ripped studs kiss passionately, feeling each others bulging biceps. They end up how they started kissing, but now spent and sticky. Ej slowly swirled his tongue up over and around Axel’s throbbing lips then I started stroking his arms applying just enough pressure to get his blood rising

Gay Amateur Male Model Lucky with Friends
Gay Amateur Male Model Richard

Sly working out with Blake

Gay Amateur Male Animated Gif

Spring has sprung but these men are bringing us some serious summer heat! In his first ever gay themed duo, Sly takes Blake’s sun-kissed arm for a nice ride with his throbbing muscle… a sexy way to start your day!


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