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Amateur Male Models from California posing for Photographs Video Tube Clip. Check out behind scenes looks with straight Erick, gay Brock, bisexual Dave, straight surfer Ray, open minded Ross, gay beef Lane, and queer Graham. They all talk about themselves during video clip and pose candidly for photo sessions.

Amateur Male Model Erik

gay amateur male photo

Erik is a 19 year old straight model was who born and raised right there in San Diego, California. He’s been working his way through school, and tells the photographer that he loves the college life.

Gay Amateur Male Models Ricky & Dax

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Ricky & Dax are back in the locker room after a great workout. They are mutually admiring each other’s hard work in the gym and comparing gains. This leads to some body fondling and soon both are kissing.

gay amateur male photo

Gay Amateur Male Models Riley & Carlos
Gay Amateur Male Models Bo & Darcy
Gay Amateur Male Model Trevor

Amateur Male Good Looking California Models

Amateur Male Good Looking California Models show off in Photos Video Tube Clip. Check out this young men as they pose for the photographers in behind scenes moments. Most are gay with a couple of open minded straight men who enjoy showing off. Kyle poses while wearing his issued uniform. All models although, amateur seems to enjoy their time on camera.

Amateur Male Bisexual Model Jake

gay amateur male photo

Jake is a very tough guy Marine that had everyone going from the time he walked in the door. This guy is not only cute, but he’s a big flirt too. Not that there’s anything wrong with a flirt, but when he told the photographer that he had one experience with another model when he was drunk one night and was thinking that he might like to try that again, it really had everyone’s mind racing.

Gay Amateur Male Model Luke

gay amateur male gif

Luke has amazing skin and a really pretty face with a bad boy attitude. He doesn’t have much body hair and he only has two tattoos. He’s tall with thick well-built thighs and a lean muscular body with a thick lips any one of our elites would love to taste.

gay amateur male photo

Amateur Male Straight Model Hugh
Gay Men Love
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