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  • Gay Amateur Male Model Bob

    gay amateur male photo
    Bob Marghiela is here to be the model of the week. The images were taken both inside and outside at Castello. Bob is a fairly compact guy with a great body, and for those who are in the ‘don’t trim him’ camp Bob will certainly please, with his fine blond pubes.


    Gay Amateur Male Models Henry – Myles – Trey – Jake

    gay amateur male photo
    It’s a full on party for Henry, Myles, Trey and Jake in this sauna visit! Once the good times starts there’s so much fun to go around that all the boys get a taste of it before some love is plundered. Hairy hunk Myles gets his love warm in Jake’s affection before they switch it up and Henry want’s a piece of that action, bending over to take it while Jake gets loved by Trey too.

    26 Years Old Dark Hair Lurker

    Gay Amateur Male Models Travis & Nico

    gay amateur male photo

    Travis & Nico – a real perfect duo where the action is amazing ! Travis’s quite the dirty talker and loves getting his body massage pounded by Nico’s muscle toned physique.

    gay amateur male gif

    Travis & Nico

    Gay Amateur Male Model Brysen & Joe

    gay amateur male photo

    After crossing paths in Puerto Rico, Brysen and Joe have yet to actually make love. “We had plenty of chances”, Joe said. One year later and their time has finally come, although we weren’t expecting an early start! The pair woke up together and of course, there’s no better wake up call than some nice hotel morning wood, something they couldn’t resist capturing on camera. Joe was nervous, but knew that he was looking to make some money to get himself out of the big debt that he got himself in.

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    Sexy Guy Napa Valley  Road Trip

    Gay Amateur Male Models Hayes

    gay amateur male photo

    Hayes is in his mid-twenties. He is tall and fit with size 12 feet. Even though Hayes is only in his mid-twenties he is all business. He actually showed up for the first time dressed in this suit and tie because he had come straight from work. He is tall and fit with very nice slender size 12 feet. Great tops and toes.
    Hayes mid-twenties he is all business. He actually showed up at door for the first time dressed in this suit and tie because he had come straight from work.

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    gay amateur male photo

    Surfer Dude Model/Webmaster Interviewed – Part 1 of 2

    1. Are you a skater or surfer yourself, or do you just wear Billabong?

    Afraid we just wear the ‘Bong’ dude. Both my partner Baz and I have been ‘surfers at heart’ since our youth, but he grew up in the midwest and I’m from the Pacific Northwest, neither of which is known for it’s killersets. So we live it out through our guys.

    2. Once you get your models out of their Billabong, how long do you pause
    to reflect on how great your job is?

    Oh, it doesn’t take long. There’s nothing like seeing a ripe muscle model sliding out of a pair of board-shorts ready to make it’s screen debut.

    3. You have some especially sexy straight guys in your new “Donovan’s
    Dudes” sections. Do you think you any of them are bisexual ?

    If I know our buddy Donovan I wouldn’t doubt it. This guy is amazing and can get these dudes to do some crazy-assed stuff. The section is totally new but we’ve already got models who are totally hooked on the stuff. I’ve seen some of the teasers for upcoming scenes he’s sending my way and he’s definately pushing the guys farther.

    4. You include skating footage in some of your videos. Do you prescreen your models for skating/surfing prowess? If so, what tricks do you make them do?

    We did more often in the beginning when we had more time. Now that the site is gaining in popularity it takes more time doing all the behind the scenes stuff. This means that we can’t always get out to the parks watch a guy showing his skills before approaching him. As long as they can ride a ‘big deck’ then they’re hired.

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