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Amateur Male Model Isaak

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Amateur Male Model Isaak

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Isaak is a furry Brazilian model, working his way through school in California. “I like the beaches, surfing, and hot girls”, says Isaak. “It’s a personal thing, so I don’t really have a type”.


Max Beefcake Amateur Hunk Shirtless

He is pretty excited to post about this scene he shot with 26 year old Max in Barcelona. This straight Spanish stud was visiting from Madrid for a body building competition. He had the day off and agreed to meet in the afternoon at his apartment in the city. They had trouble understanding Max because of his thick Spanish accent over the phone. He was running a bit late since he wanted to lift some weights in the gym before getting on camera. When Max arrived he wouldn’t have picked his massive size on the dark pants and big jacket he was wearing. But when he stripped down to his jocks his eyes were popping out! This model is built! huge!

The shoot was a funny event as Max didn’t speak much English and he spoke no Spanish. It wasn’t so much of a problem as Max was already used to posing and flexing for an audience in his competitions. After a quick shower Max came back to my bedroom to pose and flex on the bed while he shot around him. He is pretty sure he has not shot anyone as built as this guy.

As he flexed, Max’s chest and back grew to a massive size! He changed over to the video camera to capture this gorgeous guy. Max told him that he had never done anything like that before. He was really glad he gave it a go. Max is a really beautiful sweet guy. He later messaged him to tell him that he had won a prize at the competition and was heading home to Madrid. He is hoping they will meet up again when they make their way back to Spain next year.

Maikel & Damien Beefcake Amateur Hunks Shirtless

There’s quite a strong heat wave this autumn in Madrid and he has got it all documented for you!! They bring back god Maikel for the second time, this time with Damien.

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