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Amateur Male Model Kayden

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Max & Paul Beefcake Amateur Hunks Shirtless

Paul is back! And Max is with him. How can you not be excited about that?

Max describes what he’s been doing recently. Some of his time has been spent at Bonnaroo. Who knew such a funky event could be found in Manchester, Tennessee?

Paul continues to make traveling to their studios exciting. For his first ever vid, there were car issues. Today, it was a number of flubbed connections.

“Missed one bus,” Paul describes. “Then missed another bus. Then a train. And then I somehow weaseled my way over here.”

You will appreciate his effort because today Paul is set to do something he’s not done before. Who wouldn’t want to practice with Max?

Eddie Beefcake Amateur Hunk Shirtless


Eddie comes home hoping to get lucky when he gets a call his girlfriend who has to work late. He decides he doesn’t need her anyway as he pops in a movie. There’s all that he’ll need as he sits back and starts to look at his chiseled frame. Eddie is naturally smooth and his body is deliciously defined. He has a large tattoo along the right side of his torso as well as a sleeve on his left forearm. He gets comfortable as he pulls off his jeans.

Jacques & Matthew Beefcake Amateur Hunks Shirtless

Jacques joined a book of the month club at school recently. The funny part is, he’s not even into books. He really joined just to get closer to the class hottie, Matthew. The hunks have flirted around school for quite some time. Now that Jacques has Matthew alone, in Jacques’s bedroom, the tension is about to break.

After finishing the boring novel of the month, Matthew suggests they fool around a bit. Of course, Jacques is in definite agreement.


Amateur Male Model Kayden

gay amateur male photo
Amateur Male Model Kayden

Kayden said he runs about 60 miles a week, and that’s what keeps him so ripped. Anyway, Kayden is into guys, and says he’s totally versatile, and just loves to have fun.

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