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Jake Porter & Bar Addison College Beefcake

On campus Jake has heard that Bar is spreading rumours about him. Jake is NOT pleased !

Kurtwood Shy Beefcake

This outside of the box guy describes himself as shy.

Layton Beefcake

20 year old Layton looks like a college student from San Diego. That’s probably because he is !

Logan Cross & Brian Adams Beefcake

The desert heat appears to be too hot for Logan and Brian.

Markus Kage & Thyle Knoxx Beefcake

Thyle needed a personal yoga instructor. Markus was more than he could want.

Jacob Reed Gay Amateur Male Model

His body is absolutely beautiful to look at. He obviously spends a lot of time at the gym because he’s got a nicely sculpted physique, not too muscular but with great definition. And the hottest butt!

Orenthal Gay Amateur Male Model

Muscular ebody stud. Spending most of the night looking for some fresh meat they decided to call up Orenthal. He is a hot piece of everything and much to their surprise he has never had a photo shoot before this !

Deep & Beau Gay Amateur Male Models

Deep hires private investigator Beau to follow his wife. Beau shows him the proof that his wife’s been cheating on him, with another woman! Deep and Beau make a short video to send her along with divorce papers. They head to the living room and get started.

Lance & Nic Gay Amateur Male Models

Two of the most gorgeous guys featured in this exclusive as they get hot and heavy. This is intense! Enjoy this stunning scene!

Jake Ryder Gay Amateur Male Model

This guy gets sexier each time they see him and is such a true gentleman, they almost want to marry him! Hairy, buff, always ready – a perfect way to start the year.

Cristian Torrent Gay Amateur Male Model

Hairy Man Workout – Cristian Torrent.
In this photo gallery, Cristian is working out with weights, and all of the testosterone flowing through his veins starts stiffening up his entire body.

Gay Amateur Male Model Dillon Rodrigez

They love booking Latin men because they know how to give that look – that smoldering hot look that pulls you in and consumes you.

Gay Amateur Male Models Marco & Mick

Dark-haired, muscular Marco is ready for tall, slender newcomer, Mick, and show him what a real man feels like.

Gay Amateur Male Models Devin & Myles

Devin Franco is chillin’ by the beach when his buddies drop by looking for some weed. None of them have enough cash so they hatch a plan to roll a local hotel to get some money. After the heist, Devin is down on himself for being a part of the plan when he receives a text from muscle daddy Myles and heads on over to his hotel for a quickie.

Gay Amateur Male Model Spike

You can tell right away that Spike likes to have a good time, loves to laugh, and is very mischievous!

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