Valentine’s Day Couple

Zach Letoa & Jacob Hansen
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Zach Letoa & Jacob Hansen

Kissing and definitely telling.

Ashton Summers & Caleb Gray

They both can’t smiling.

Adrian Hill & Gabriel Clark

Dander Adrian dreamed of meeting Gabriel.

Rob Gay Amateur Male Model

Sometimes all you need to have a good time is some fun. Such is the case for Rob. Muscled, ruggedly-handsome stud starts off working his body, but it doesn’t take long for him to make use of his good looks and shares his play with all of them on film.

Incredibly sexy gay man and he shows his stuff all on his own working himself to a dramatic and beautiful scene. Beautiful face and muscle chest are drenched in sweat and his well shaped body desires lustful treatment. He loves being watched

Beach Time

These two relatively fresh and definitely hot models go to town in this scene! They are undeniably prepared to see one another. He was particularly keen to have some fun with the hot newbie and they really they look great together. Two guys in their mid twenties getting together is just fantastic to watch!

One is a nervous Puerto Rican stud who grew up here in the states. He made California his home since he arrived 5 years ago. They did a shoot together a while ago and now he’s back.

Everyone has seen each of these hot studs perform separately, so when they found themselves with the chance to get them together in front of their cameras they knew they couldn’t pass up the opportunity. The fact that these studs are two of the nicest guys we’ve met only makes their awesome scene even hotter.

Work Out Time

Muscle hunk, Josh, is training for boxing as he hits the bag and punch pads while Dakota eggs him on to go harder. It doesn’t take long before they’re both shirtless and making out with Josh running his mouth down Dakota’s hot body and feeling his muscles letting go of all his inhibitions is the cue that he needs to follow suit.

Connor Maguire Gay Amateur Male Model

Connor returns to and man has he bulked up. It has been 8 years since he last visited and Connor has put on about 75 pounds of hot muscle mass. It about the moment in the interview when Connor is describing his favorite parties where he relaxes.

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