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Beautiful Young Males Shirtless

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Beautiful Young Males Shirtless photoshop collage featuring good looking college aged men. Explore them as they explore themselves in these stunning photos



Shirtless Amateur Gay Men Photo Collage

Shirtless Amateur Gay Men Photo Collage


He is new to modelling and seems really natural in front of the camera. He has trained hard for years competing in Judo and has a really nicely defined and flexible body.


Back again, seems he loves to show off his dancer feet. He’s always been told buy his friends that he has really nice feet, so it’s no wonder he takes care of them. He is from San Diego, met him at an convention in Vegas. Of course as soon as we saw him we asked him to pose for us in his hotel room. JD is quite a handsome guy, with feet to match. Glad he decided to show more than just his sexy feet!

Full of Beans

Steven is back and full of beans even slightly cocky in this latest photo! He has been traveling for nearly a year and claims to be out of shape… maybe for him but still very fit! He strips down to his boxers and teases us by flopping it right into the camera. Steven is heterosexual yet has that mischievous streak and teasing men.


He is a chef in a funky East Village joint, not far from where he lives. Working in the restaurant industry, Steven has many gay friends who have told him about the superior male friendship that only a guy can give.


Walter is just the kind of guy you’d love to cuddle up to on a cold dreary winter day. He just exudes warmth. From his lightly tanned, complexion, neatly trimmed beard, down to his hairy chest, you just know he will heat things up nicely. Now take off his shirt and you will find another great reason not to kick him out of bed. And his joy for life is very evident in this photo. As the camera starts rolling he jokes easily with with everyone as they prepare to film him


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