Beefcake Alpa Male Model Site Reviewed

Beefcake Alpa Male Model Site Reviewed
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Alpha Male Beefcake

Now here’s a site for all you lover’s of raunchy, dirty, hairy men. Alpha Male is exactly what it says—no twinks, just tough guys having hot fun. These Colt-style guys are so into each other your monitor will sizzle as they eat each other up.


This is a studio slick, hot looking web site easy to navigate, with beefcake models, photos and video all at your fingertips no excess clutter and devoid of any advertising whatsoever, you get nothing but beefy meat

Unique Features:

Each video has a blurb letting you know what action to expect behind the Scenes section has a few videos for those curious how a shoot unfolds.
Big and Beefy blog where our site host Trojan opens up about his day-to-day adventures
take a moment to rate your favourite models and see who the popular choices are


Very high-quality professional photo galleries with high rez shots
studio quality video downloadable in low, medium and high rez – ready to go anywhere from your iPhone to your mainframe at home
tons of photo galleries and videos
news and updates section keeps you on top of new additions to the site

Bottom Line:

updated weekly
films last anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes each
are downloadable at three different resolutions and are both PC and Mac friendly

Pet Peeves:

A really minor one – downloading a video is a little counter-intuitive; you don’t necessarily go immediately to the video you’re looking for, sometimes you have to look around for it. Honestly though, sites like this make most of the other ones look sadly amateurish

Site host Trojan sums it all up best when he says in his blog: “…we will strive to continue to bring you real men, having real fun with real chemistry and attitude!” ‘Nuff said!

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