Beefcake Model Colby Keller Scenes

Beefcake Model Colby Keller Scenes
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Beefcake Model Colby Keller Biography

Born October 18, 1980, in Michigan,[2] Colby Keller was raised in Texas[7] where he graduated from the University of Houston with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology. In addition, he is a graduate of The Maryland Institute College of Art, with a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in visual and performing arts.[8]Wiki

Beefcake Twitter – Colby Keller

On Twitter Colby Keller has 151K followers

Beefcake Instagram – Colby Keller

On Instagram Colby Keller has 131K followers

Colby Keller
Forcibly retired former porn star, alas, still human.
In need of food. . . shelter. . . and you!


Beefcake Facebook – Colby Keller

There were a lot of Colby Keller profiles on Facebook using his photos. Have no idea which one is the real one.

Beefcake IMDB – Colby Keller

He has an entry on IMDB with some of his most recent work.

Beefcake YouTube – Colby Keller

Colby has a YouTube channel with over 5K subscribers but he is found all over platform.

Q&A with Jake Bass at AXM Glasgow

I’m Colby Keller. Artist. Sex Nerd. Blogger.

I’m campaigning for funds to support a trip across North America with a van, a mattress and a camera. Help bring me to your city for some porn-y adventures or snag a t-shirt and help me along my way.


Colby ran a campaign to get funding.

Chris and Colby answer your questions LIVE on YouTube for BAKER DAILY: TRUMP TAKEDOWN!

Disclaimer: Colby’s opinions are his own and do not represent those of this show or its producers


Espaço de entrevista com Colby Keller, artista visual e sex activist.

Horário: Segunda a Sexta, às 22h30 e 1h, no Canal Q.

Posição 16 no MEO, 70 na NOS e 19 na VODAFONE.


Beefcake News Colby Keller

In one shot for Vivienne Westwood’s new womenswear campaign, the gay porn star Colby Keller is in red thigh-high boots, a tiny pair of bikini briefs, and a tatty-looking—though probably very expensive—housecoat.


Like it or not (and most of us dislike it, including me) Trump — the self-financed independent billionaire — represented a vote against a corrupt system. We can’t afford to let different approaches to strategy undermine our basic, shared commitment to the future — a future where all of us, and not just the rich and well-connected, continue to live and to love on this planet.


Colby Keller Beefcake Scenes:

Colby Keller Solo

This is an early set of images featuring Colby from 2012. He makes a very good cowboy.

Colby Keller with Chris

This was from the same set as the cowboy scene.

Colby Keller Solo

Another sole by Colby. This one was from 2013 and they talk about how he has an anthropology degree. They go on to say that he is a free thinking intellectual that travels his own path.

Colby Keller with Gabriel

From 2013 Colby appears with Gabriel

Colby Keller with Pierre

Here Colby stars alongside Pierre and this session was apart of a DVD from 2013. In the scene Colby is described as being ‘200+ pounds of muscle’.

Colby Keller with Seth

Colby appears with Seth in one of his first scenes.

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