Beefcake Model Jacen Zhu Scenes

Beefcake Model Jacen Zhu Scenes
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Beefcake Model Jacen Zhu Biography

For a guy who describes himself as only “28 years young,” Jacen’s got a lot of maturity, charisma, and a jaw-dropping body to boot. You might call Jacen “the full package” and then some — his personal hobbies include nature shows, Pokemon Go, and martial arts (moves AND movies), in addition to his natural performance abilities in front of the camera. Originally from Maryland, Jacen loves to travel and fell in love with the city of Barcelona while away on a business trip.

In addition to his beefcake career Jacen is an activist.

Beefcake Twitter – Jacen Zhu

On Twitter Jacen Zhu has 51.5K followers

Beefcake Instagram – Jacen Zhu

On Instagram Jacen Zhu has 584 followers. Obviously his other Instagram was deleted.

Jacen Zhu (Sensei Kõga)
Black Queer Activist. HIV Treatment/Prevention Advocate. My truth is #TakedownTina #Undectectableman #uequalsu #translivesmatter #hinaciii


🎶Fighting stigma by moonlight
Educating in the daylight
Never running from a real fight!
He’s the one named Undetectable Man! 🎶 “Stigma has no place in our community”. -Undetectable Man
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Beefcake YouTube – Jacen Zhu

Jacen has a YouTube but no videos.



The fun continues in sunny Mexico…except for recently single Sean Ford who sits it out, still mooning and moping over the ex-beau he left behind. It’s enough for his friends Taylor Reign & Cory Kane to just let him be as they renew the spark in their relationship. Meanwhile long distance boyfriends Troy Accola & Jacen Zhu are happy to reconnect in Mexico, but they have their sights set on couple Allen King & Levi Karter. Fortunately they’re not interested in the same guy!


Beefcake News Jacen Zhu

Jacen Zhu, one of the most promising porn actors of his generation, begins his email to us with a Jasmine Masters reference, proving that he definitely has a good sense of humor. However, what he has to say is anything but funny. We reached out to him after reading two intriguing tweets about meth, also know as “Tina.”


Adult film actor Jacen Zhu announced on Monday that he would no longer be working with Noir Male, the studio founded by award-winning adult film director and drag queen Chi Chi LaRue. According to its own site, Noir Male “breaks free from stereotypes” about interracial gay porn and “showcases black men as sensual, sexual, and unapologetically fine.”


But not all sex workers think HIV-positive people should be banned from the field. Jacen Zhu is an adult performer and LGBTQIA activist. According to him, there are schools of queer performers who believe in opening up the industry gates to those living with an undetectable HIV status.


Jacen Zhu

Beefcake Scenes:

Jacen Zhu Solo

Firstly we have a nice solo set featuring Jacen Zhu poolside. Without a doubt he looks awesome.

Jacen Zhu with Ethan

Secondly, some great shots with Jacen Zhu and his co-star Ethan. Besides their attraction they look good together.

Jacen Zhu with Sean

Finally, this Civil War theme wih Jacen Zhu and Sean starring as soldiers who fall in love.

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