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Muscle Worship bills itself as a muscle fantasy and muscle worship site with powerful, competitive bodybuilders talking to you…giving you orders…taking charge. No closety exercise flicks. No contest crap. Just you and a handsome, hard muscle stud. Alone.


A slickly designed site with great graphics and a straight forward menu across the top.


These guys range from big all the way to gigantic, so if you like beefy muscle, this site’s for you. Expertly shot and lit, these high-quality videos are downloadable via broadband or modem; most are solo affairs, the whole idea being you’re alone with your muscle god of choice while he performs just for you; there are a few vids of guy on guy action, but these are more the exception than the norm.
movies play via QuickTime—finally a site that caters to all you Mac users out there; are Mac user’s known muscle lovers?
most vids (but not all) also feature a photo gallery of professionally shot pix.
The Dark Side Videos features bodybuilders in leather, muscle masters and the master’s slaves, for those of you who like a little more kink in your worship.
Muscle Marginalia serves up a bunch of muscle worship related links.

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Unique Features:

This site comes packed with a bunch of extra features sure to satisfy your muscle craving no matter what form it takes:
Muscle Art features over 30 galleries with work by artists from the past century showcasing some of the great physique art. In a multitude of mediums from classic sculpture to amazing 3D computer rendering.
Muscle Features is the place where you’ll find all things muscle that don’t fit under any other category, from bodybuilder movies to silly muscle clips from TV.
Erotic Muscle Stories is a library of hundreds of heavy duty, muscle erotic stories—straight, gay and Bi—about musclemen in love, in battle and in sleazy back alleys—who says musclemen can’t read?
Muscle Forum and Chat Room is where you can hook up in real time with other bodybuilders.
Muscle Worship Store is the place for all your muscle related purchases.

Pet Peeves:

I was surprised there’s no link or reference to Physique Pictorial in the gallery section, after all, this magazine was the perennial founder of images worshipping the muscular male body.
not all videos expand to full screen, a minor issue but these guys are larger than life and should take up as much screen as possible.

Bottom Line:

updates are Weekly on Sunday/Monday.
hundreds of hours of custom muscle video, most with a gallery of photos.

This site certainly delivers the beef and lots of it. You like muscle worship? Whether you like it gentle or a little rough, this is the place to go for musclemen with big rippling arms and legs flexing, oiling, stripping and getting it on.


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