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Shirtless Amateur Gay Men Photo Collage

Bisexual Straight Guys Pose Shirtless

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Bisexual Straight Guys Pose Shirtless in collage showing various male models from submitted photos. We see them as they show off their toned bodies

Shirtless Amateur Gay Men Photo Collage


When Zach applied to model they were struck by the moody, intense pictures that he sent. He kind of looked a bit menacing but he was actually really quiet and shy! Straight, furry, and lots of fun. he started showing off a bit once he was comfortable.

Josh is a surfer, and tells them that he’s bisexual, but he said if he’s with a girl that she pretty much has to be perfect.


Rusty is a straight red headed marine that has never done anything with a guy before. Before the scene they were grabbing a bite, but we were not quite expecting Darren to jump over the table and pounce on him! Muscle worship ensued, and the rest was pure hot photo magic. Talk about eager, they finally let him loose, and wow, what a showcase.


Jake has recently been trying lots of new things, this straight guy is dressed in his vest and shorts revealing a healthy body. Jake and Anthony are quite the combination, Jake is married with children and not long out the army seems to obey most orders. They we put him with Anthony who knows how to get a straight guy up with him.


Emilo was born just outside Mexico City. This hottie is 5′-10″ tall, has a nicely developed body. He’s 22 years old and loves playing soccer. His boyish sexy looks aren’t bad either.

Alex speaks English, French, Italian and Spanish with great ease. Not to mention his exotic looks, bedroom eyes and ripped abs. Alexy’s back sports major tattoos, the globe an homage to his many travels and: “Absolutely no regrets” and “Only god can judge me.”

Rick makes a comeback this week to prove that revenge is a dish best served in the studio! And it doesn’t get any hotter than this as he arrives fresh from ending his sentence to hunt down sexy suited lawyer Ross for some serious payback.

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