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Bodybuilder Archive Footage

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More Bodybuilder Archive Footage Found

I found some more video with bodybuilders for ya.. most were sent without descriptions.. so I don’t know who everyone is.. the original audio is there as well.. it’s pretty rough but I left it intact..

The first guy is:

“Big Casey – Beefy butt-of-death Casey is a professional based in New York City.”

The rest of the guys I do not know.. I may find more footage of them later on.

Also.. an update.. my last video (the Christmas one) was age-restricted. I don’t know if this one will be or not.. The Johnny Cruise video was age-restricted but I appealed.. They seem to not like men kissing.. that’s all I can say..

We shall see what happens..

Happy New Year Everyone…

Leo Gay Amateur Male Model

Gay Amateur Male Models gif

Gay Amateur Male Models

Leo is a very tall hunk of a man with amazing smooth dark skin. He has barely any hair on his firm body and a perfect smile that’s ready to test out an elite one day. He’s an extremely nice man with a flirty side. His thighs are muscular and very sexy as he stands tall.

Michael & Jackson Gay Amateur Male Models

Gay Amateur Male Models gif

Gay Amateur Male Models

Michael and Jackson are on set doing a photo shoot. When the photographer asks for their best poses, the guys mutually suggest they make out. The photographer agrees.

Flashback November 14th 2008 Classics

Early Cody Cummings before he had his own website is featured here. Also some Dominic in one his earlier photo sessions with his pal Gio as they make out.

Lau & Francoise

Gay Amateur Male Models

“Francoise comes home early from class to find Lau on the couch, looking at a map to plan his next vacation but one look at the tight, round globes of Francoise’s rock hard behind, and he finds his destination.”

Cody Cummings & Patrick Rouge

Gay Amateur Male Models gif

Gay Amateur Male Models

“In the game of pool, someone’s got to rack the balls before the game can get started. In this case, Patrick Rouge will be racking balls.”


Gay Amateur Male Models

“The internet’s only gay daily magazine.”

Dominic & Gio

Gay Amateur Male Models gif

Gay Amateur Male Models

“Dominic brought along a friend today. Gio Sumers is single and cute as all hell. At 5’8” with a lean 117 lb. frame”

He shoots he scores

“Sittin around in his hockey uniform sure gets this dude ”

Chucho & Hector

Gay Amateur Male Models

“Hector, did such a good job that they ended up doing a lot more than what is typical ”


Gay Amateur Male Models

“Fresh out of the Navy and back in college, Colin is an Irish bartender with great size 10 feet. Here they are in his dress socks and bare as he kicks back and relaxes…”

Will Vega

Gay Amateur Male Models

Gay Amateur Male Models

“Everything about Will was just perfect, the way he worked himself running his hands over his body and just letting himself get lost in the experience of it all.”

Stefan Colby

Gay Amateur Male Models

“The first thing we noticed about Stefan is those beautiful big lips”

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