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Bodybuilder Beefcake

Hans Lagerfield Euro Beefcake

During his interview Hans reveals what he likes in men. His answers are refreshing and he comes across as a very down to earth guy. With his beefcake looks his personality is the best part of Hans.

Ryan Geary Aussie Beefcake

26 year old Ryan is actually from Tasmania is a red-headed country hunk. They took this photos at the end of summer in Australia on the rooftop. Apparently office workers were watching as these shots were captured. Ryan seems to enjoy the onlookers.

Derek Jackson Ebony Beefcake

His bio describe Derek as a streetwise dancer who enjoys expressing himself with his unique moves. He has even taken part in impromptu dance offs. During this private photo shoot he entertained the camera crew with some of his trademark rhythms.

John Beefcake Amateur Male Model

John sits down on the edge of the bed playing with his shirt and then casually walks off screen and returns fully shirtless with his hard muscles out ready.

Scott Beefcake Amateur Male Model

Scott is in the house and he’s giving a “behind the scenes” look at all that is Scott. Wearing a cut off tee with “Friend with Privileges” across his chest, Scott makes us all wish we were on his list of possibilities. He leans back in this chair and begins to explore his defined frame. His hands run down his rippled abs as he slowly begins to undress.

Lee Beefcake Amateur Male Model

Sometimes, wildest fantasies are played out while we are sleeping. Then we wake up disappointed when we realize it was all just a dream. They have a little fun with the idea of what happens after the lights go out. Then the mind is set free. You see, once in a while our wildest dreams really do come true!

Seth Beefcake Amateur Male Model

Hairy, muscled and very masculine, bisexual Seth was raised in Africa before settling in the UK. Seth’s solid body and piercing eyes make him an imposing figure. Take a tour of his tattoos reveals its own story. Even if he’s showing off and while he told his story, Seth’s still the straightest bisexual they’ve met in a long time.

Rowen & Jake Beefcake Amateur Male Models

South African Rowen takes on big bruiser Jake and proves he can take it hard and rough, which is how Jake likes to play. In this episode, Rowen is looking for a job but finds the interview a lot more probing than he imagined…

Tommy Beefcake Amateur Male Model

In his first appearance, exclusive model Tommy was still just a pretty beefcake. Just a muscle kid cruising for action in the city streets. Cute, sexy, hot, with just a dollop of baby fat, they knew the street-wise Tommy’s development was well worth watching and waiting for. A year later, the 21-year old muscle pup has delivered on his promise: the new Tommy is seriously ripped, muscular, lean, strong and powerful. And they bet you haven’t forgotten just how hot this boy is, and how powerfully he shoots! The night belongs to Tommy.

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