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Sexy bald guy shirtless

Sexy bald guy shirtless



Horny men have gay sex outdoors



Shooting in the country in June was particularly challenging for the guys this year because of all the rain we’ve had. The mosquitoes were pretty feisty, and everywhere… and they preyed on the guys and the crew leaving their marks by the dozen in the process.

After the initial cock work that Ben gave Nicolas, he then proceeded to eat out his ass. Ben is always hot for some ass and this time was no exception. While Nicolas our straight guy is still getting used to having sex with a dude, he takes things one step further every time we shoot. And this time, he was up to giving Ben a decent rimming after having received his own tonguing up the ass.

This licking was a good warm up to Nicolas’ ass fucking that followed. After a bit of dick play, Nic plunged in to his partner’s saliva-lubed up ass. Ben is taller than his scene partner, so this made for some pretty funny situations as Nicolas had to get on his tiptoes at times to plunge deep inside. So, the guys went for a reverse cowboy position to make it easier on both of them.


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