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Some articles and column archives from the vault. Stories and human interest pieces
geared toward the gay community – ladies and men. Read them well.

Popular party drug affecting gay men

Popular party drug is affecting gay men

The agony of Ecstasy Popular party drug is affecting gay men in more than physical ways Scott and Andrew met four years ago while both were involved in a Toronto gay sports league. They started dating and ended up in a serious, committed relationship eventually moving in together. Life seemed …

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Nightcharm alternative queer porn zine

The man behind Night Charm surfing & cruising by Not Victor David K. of Night charm is a unique Webmaster. He develops and maintains one of the more interesting and definitely one of the most credible gay erotica sites on the Internet. The design is visually stunning and the content …

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Webmaster Male Model Website Interviewed

gay male animated gif

8 Questions for Male Model Site Webmaster 1. Do you consider yourself a ‘Dirty Guy’ ? No, but I do hang around with drag queens and deviants. Does that make me dirty? 2. There are quite a lot of hot guys in your “auditions” section. Do you think you have …

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Cruising for sex online

Gay male animated gif

Cruising for sex online by NotVictor Irony of ironies, I write a column but I am not into water sports and I know nothing about automobiles. I find it even more ironic that I have taken it upon myself to write an article about the art/act of cruising, specifically cruising …

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Valentines Day Greetings


  Aaron. Sex, sex and more sex. Lone. ALLAN I think you’re adorable and cute. DATE ME. If not then find me someone. Bill B.G. Five years later, you still make my days brighter. Happy Valentine’s Day, baby. K.M. Bill R. – Tho’ I seemed distant, my heart yearned. Will …

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Journey Handsome Male Model Waiter Actor

gay amateur male photo

Life of Handsome Male Model Waiter/Actor I’ve just started my shift at work and the first table I approach is griping about the weather. “It’s too hot,” they say. “This humidity is a bitch. I wish it was cooler.” It was this table—or one similar—back at the beginning of June …

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Go online before you party | Great places to find gay muscle parties

Go online before you party

Surfing & Cruising Go online before you go party Industry Nightclub – Local nightclub’s online presence is a must peek. Fun and detailed. Very well designed site. DJ listings contain photos and bios. Don’t miss this! Circuit Noize Interactive – “Premier Source of Circuit Party information.” Celebrating five years this …

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Hamilton student hopes to learn how to create change

Conference call The coordinator of the gay students group at McMaster University in Hamilton is packing his bags and heading to Oakland, California to learn more about providing services to queer students on campus. “I feel honoured and privileged,” says Derek Billsman. “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity …

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Celebrities saying things about gay culture to various media

Celebrities saying things about gay culture

Who said what “I’ve had gay friends throughout my life and have enjoyed their friendship very much. And I came to realize that everyone is human and that sexual orientation really has nothing to do with anything. Knowing gay people definitely prevents homophobia. Friends are friends. I had two gay …

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Circumcision a unkindest cut

Circumcision a unkindest cut

Group hopes to cut short infant circumcision “We live in a country where mutilated genitals are considered to be normal,” says Lawrence Barichello. “What’s bizarre about it is if you travel a lot and hang out with a whole bunch of Swedes or Italians or what ever, they’ll look at …

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History of Gay Pride Event through Decades in North America Culture

History of Gay Pride Event

A history of Gay Pride Aug. 1, 1971 The first “Gay Day Picnic” is
held at Hanlan’s Point on
global Island. A fund-raiser to
send activists to Ottawa for a
march marking the second
anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexual acts, the picnic is organized by the
University of global Homophile Association (UHTA), global Gay Action …

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