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Some articles and column archives from the vault. Stories and human interest pieces
geared toward the gay community – ladies and men. Read them well.

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8 Questions for Male Model Site Webmaster

1. Do you consider yourself a ‘Dirty Guy’ ?

No, but I do hang around with drag queens and deviants. Does that make me dirty?

2. There are quite a lot of hot guys in your “auditions” section. Do you think you have discovered the next “it” boy ?

We have an amateur, “guy next door” focus, and aren’t looking to create stars. The guys we shoot are having fun, that’s why they’re doing it, and it shows in the video. It’s a homemade version of those reality shows daring people to do crazy things.

3. You’ve gotten videos of guys in some crazy places: the bathroom of a bar, a shop, a freight elevator, even an airplane bathroom. Is there anywhere left to film?

There’s always places to film! We would love to shoot a scene on the observation deck of the Empire State Building. Unfortunately security is a bit too tight even for us to pull that off (or out as the case may be!). And there’s also the Space Station. How cool would that be in zero gravity!

4. It doesn’t seem to follow the formula of finding a straight guy. The guys featured seem to be portrayed for what they are: guys getting off the best way they know how. Aren’t you ever tempted to push them a little further?

That’s not really the spirit of our site. From the beginning we realized that NYC is full of guys looking to show off, it just made sense to start shooting models ourselves, and working with what they were interested in doing. They have fun and don’t regret the shoot, in fact most come back to do more!

5. Your first full-length movie is available for free to subscribers. Were there new challenges in shooting a movie that you don’t encounter doing regular amateur videos?

We rotate which title we offer with monthly memberships. Right now is the title, “Dared” a collection from the site focusing on stunts for cash, initiations, stuff caught on surveillance cams and even includes a blow up sheep!

6. Some of your videos are filmed with nightvision. Was that a conscious decision to arouse “Survivor” fans?

I’ve never seen Survivor, but we’ve utilized night vision in our videos since 1999, so I’d like to think the producers of Survivor got the idea from us!

7. Will we ever see more of Subway Boy ?

Todd is his name and he’s a great guy. He’s currently sworn off exhibitionism, but who knows, he may come around again and when he does, we’ll be there!

8. What, in your opinion, is the most risky video?

Definitely the Subway Boy shoots! Todd is standing on the platform and you can hear the train approaching. The camera rolls as Todd scrambles and you can hear the cameraman nervously saying, “Hurry up! Hurry Up!” Todd gets dressed just in time as the crowded train pulls in to the station. We couldn’t have planned it that way if we wanted to!


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Life of Handsome Male Model Waiter/Actor

I’ve just started my shift at work and the first table I approach is griping about the weather. “It’s too hot,” they say. “This humidity is a bitch. I wish it was cooler.” It was this table—or one similar—back at the beginning of June that was declaring that it was too cool for the beginning of summer and “we’d better not get another summer like last year!”

As I arrived at the table and offered to get them drinks they continued to comment negatively about the weather and turned to me for my agreement. “How can you work in this sweltering heat?” they asked me.

“I love the heat,” I succinctly replied.

“What!” They all gasped in unison.

“You know,” I continued blithely, “summer’s going to be over in 5 weeks, so you might as well enjoy the heat while you have it because soon it will be snowing.” They blinked, dumbfounded as I shot them a wide grin.

“What a depressing thought,” they finally grumped. However, the rest of the night as they sat in my section, I didn’t hear a peep out of them about the weather.

What is it with Canadians always bitching about the weather? Never have I heard a group of people so obsessed about the climate variations of their country: it’s too hot, it’s too cold, it’s raining too much, this is the worst winter we’ve ever had…Listen kiddies, no one hates the cold more than I do, but other than two weeks of retarded winter temperatures in the minus 40’s, this past winter was shorter, with less snow and more sunshine than the two winters before. I know because I forever quietly endure the bleak weeks after Christmas silently crossing off the days on the calendar until the beginning of April when I can exchange my winter wool for spring denim.

So what is with our refusal to enjoy the nice weather when we have it? I suppose I should be grateful that we are only obsessed about the weather. It’s not like we are obsessed about patriotism like our neighbours to the south, or religion like our radical friends in the Middle East. And we have good reason to gripe about our winters, as they are often too long, too cold and too dark for the average person to handle. You’d think we’d appreciate the hot lazy summer days where the clothes are at a minimum and sun is at a maximum—I know I do.

I guess with the extremes of climate this country gets weather is always going to play a big part in our lives. Like hockey, it’s a subject any Canadian can play expert on no matter where they’re from. Maybe we just need to temper it with a bit more Canadian humour.

gay amateur male photo

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