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Gay Beefcake Models

Ashtin Bates in some great shots.

Chandler Scott with partner Atlas Grant.

Clay Towers with Joe Parker.

Sexy David Jones shows us his abs.

Friends Jackson Cooper, Will Braun and Michael Jackson studying for exams.

Kyle Martin just hanging out.

Gay Amateur Male Model Aiden

gay amateur male photo

We didn’t actually find Aiden through the ads that we placed in the LA Weekly.. He used to be a bartender at the Abbey in West Hollywood. Somehow through word of mouth he found out the we were looking for some guys to pose for us and he was more than willing to show off.

You can see a bit of the outside of the studio at the beginning of this video clip. It wasn’t anything fancy.. but it had everything that we needed. The location was perfect and none of the models had any problem getting to the studio.

gay amateur male gif

Aiden was very easy to work with and seemed to enjoy posing for us. The photographer and I weren’t as professional as we would have liked. You can see one of the gels falling off of the lights during the shoot. No one was injured… it was more embarrassing than anything.

I had some t-shirts with the Gaydar logo printed on them. I remember driving all over Los Angeles trying to find the printing place.. It was very far away from the studio. Luckily the one size fits all t-shirts fit.

Aiden was 22 at the time of these photos. Very eager and he seemed to enjoy just hanging out. Most of the guys that I have photographed are like that. They just kinda wanna hang out and have no problem taking direction.

Everything (aside from the gel falling off) went very smoothly. I think about a year after these pictures were taken he did a model session for Lucas out in NYC. I hope he is doing well.. Sometimes you wonder what happened to the models that you worked with over the years. Anyway.. I think his pictures turned out well. Dontcha think ?!

These are just a sample of some of the pictures..

Darkroom Desires Run Deep

Jason Adonis Gay Beefcake Classic

Spend a few quiet and relaxing encounters with a muscle bound star; the appropriately named, Jason Adonis. He would later on become a famous bodybuilder. I found his Twitter but he hasn’t tweeted. Some how he still has 752 followers.

He claimed that he was going to make a few comebacks but as of now nothing. His IMDB bio says that he was born in Franklin, Kentucky. He is 6 foot 2.

Park Wiley Gay Beefcake Model

A couple of older model Park Wiley who did a few scenes. At the time he was in the older male category. Kinda a bear looking guy without being a bear. He a tiny bit of chest hair but he’s definitely in the hairy category. These were taken in Florida.

Tony & Matt Gay Beefcake Models

A couple are looking at slides in the darkroom. Tony and Matt flirt with each other while looking over the pictures. So retro to be looking at 35 MM slides in a darkroom. Do they still have darkrooms these days ?

Derrek & Mitch Gay Beefcake Model

Another couple scene this time around with Derrek & Mitch who are well matched. They don’t waste much time and before you know that shirts come off. I think Derreck is the one in the burgundy shirt. Mitch has the tattoo of a fish on his right shoulder.

Marcus Mojo Gay Beefcake Model

Another set of pictures featuring Marcus Mojo. He never seemed to get bored of being in front of the camera. His many fans didn’t seem to tire of seeing him either.

His self titled website is still active but it hasn’t been updated in many years. There are a couple of Twitter accounts running with his name. One appears to be mostly a fan account but it has almost 40K followers.

Motorcross Hunk Xavier & Max & Harry

Xavier Daniels Beefcake Model

The photographer says that he had been talking to Xavier Daniels for a long time. Turns out that they both have a passion for Motor-cycles ! What a coincidence that is along with their mutual fascination with boat and trucks. Anything that goes fast according to Xavier.

Xavier was invited over to their studio.. aka a ranch. On a sunny afternoon the photographer took these great photos of Xavier. He decided to put on a show right there in the field. Judging from these great shots it looks like everyone had a great time that day.

They don’t give any of this models stats.. Looks like he is in his mid-20’s. Gay straight or bisexual.. dunno.. and does it matter? He has bushy brown hair along with striking eyebrows. Looks like he was growing a bit a of a ‘tashe.

Max Ryder Beefcake Model

These shots are of Max Ryder at least that is what he was going by when these pictures were taken. The brief description by the photographer goes on to say that he really enjoyed working Max. This scene is to illustrate some of his fantasies. The fantasy being that Max is waiting for a date to show up and Max doesn’t even know what the guy looks like. The pensive shots are Max waiting for his suitor to show up.

“Max Ryder” goes by George Alvin now and describes himself as a ‘Social Media Influencer‘ on his blog. His Twitter account is mostly retweets.

View this post on Instagram

I’m New York City, I still do it for you babe

A post shared by George Alvin III (@georgealvinnyc) on

Over on his Instagram however he posts a lot of travel shots and of himself in NYC where he currently resides.

Harry Louis Beefcake

During the photographers trip to London the photographer made sure to schedule a shoot with Harry Louis. They first met in Germany a few years before this visit. Harry had been working out in the gym and his appearance was more muscular than before.

He still goes by Harry Louis and started up a bar named after himself in Madrid which has since closed.

View this post on Instagram

Merry Xmas 🎅🏻😘

A post shared by Harry Louis (@harry_louis) on

On his verified Instagram account he has close to a million followers. He still lives in Spain and calls himself a “Model, Actor, DJ and businessman”. He has created a separate account for his dog.

Dolph & Hoyt & Zac European Beefcake Models

Dolph Lambert Gay Amateur Beefcake Model

For their 25th Anniversary the studio released these photos Dolph Lambert who was one of their most popular models for a long time. He had the look that was associated with Bel Ami – very good looking with a fit body. He was the guy that many dreams were made of.

Says on Google that he is 32 years old now being born in 1988. He comes from Moravia which is a city in Czechia. He come from an area that according to Wiki is “The medieval and early modern Margraviate of Moravia “

His Twitter account is still online but doesn’t appear to have been active since 2017.

Dolph’s Instagram with over 2K followers is still up as well but not active since 2016.

View this post on Instagram

Love it! #dolphlambert

A post shared by Dolph Lambert (@dolphlambertofficial) on

This show looks like it might have been made by a fan.

Hoyt Kogan Gay Amateur Beefcake Model

Almost like he could be a brother to Dolph is Hoyt Kogan. They have similar looks and could be related. According to his IMDB biography he was also born in the Czech Republic. Hoyt hails from Petrvald which is a town in the Karviná District, Moravian-Silesian Region, Czech Republic,

Hoyt has over 45K followers on Twitter and is very active on that platform.

He also has an Instagram but hasn’t been active on there since Feb 2018.

View this post on Instagram

#hoytkogan #runway

A post shared by Hoyt Kogan (@hoyt.kogan) on

Looks like Hoyt was a runway model for Moschino in 2017

Zac Haynes Gay Beefcake Model

Finally, some pictures of another Belami model Zac Haynes. He debuted a year ago or so and did a few scenes. His brief biography says that he is a Leo and he comes from Hungary. Although, he’s from a different country Zac looks like he could be related to Hoyt and Dolph. They all look like they could be brothers !

Beefcake Model Sean Zevran Scenes

Beefcake Model Sean Zevran Biography

Sean Zevran, real name Josiah Jennings (born 2 August 1988 in Shreveport, Louisiana, United States)


Beefcake Twitter – Sean Zevran

On Twitter Sean Zevran has 240K followers

Beefcake Instagram – Sean Zevran

On Instagram Sean Zevran has 143K followers. In e

Sean Zevran (Josiah Jennings)
2018 GayVN Awards ‘Performer of the Year’, XBIZ Awards 2017 ‘Gay Performer of the Year’, Fleshjack Boy (Los Angeles, CA)


Sean seems to be dating Jay Alexander

Beefcake YouTube – Sean Zevran

Sean has a YouTube with 1.6K subscribers but only 6 videos

XBIZ Awards 2017 Gay Performer of the Year Sean Zevran Gives Thanks


XBIZ Awards 2017 Gay Performer of the Year Sean Zevran


Director Steve Cruz jokes around with Sean Zevran and Dario Beck in the Raging Stallion studio before they film their next scene!


At what point does sexual attraction cross over to fetish or even prejudice?


Beefcake News Sean Zevran

I attended the return of the GayVN Awards as a guest speaker this past weekend to speak during the ceremony on matters of race in the gay porn industry and the LGBT community. What was a truly humbling and unexpected honor is the industry seeing fit to recognize my achievements this past year with 2018 GayVN Awards ‘Performer of the Year’. While this is an honor to be sure, what is even more of an honor is being given the opportunity to speak on behalf of my fans and people of color in the gay porn industry and the LGBT community.


Sean Zevran

Beefcake Scenes:

Sean Zevran Solo

First up a great shot of Sean Zevran.

Sean Zevran with Carter

Secondly we have Sean Zevran who appears with Carter.

Sean Zevran with Brandon

This scene with Brandon features Sean Zevran as a massage client.

Sean Zevran with Rex

Alternatively a jockstrap scene where Sean Zevran appears with Rex.

Sean Zevran Solo

Finally, another solo photo featuring Sean Zevran.

Beefcake Model Jacen Zhu Scenes

Beefcake Model Jacen Zhu Biography

For a guy who describes himself as only “28 years young,” Jacen’s got a lot of maturity, charisma, and a jaw-dropping body to boot. You might call Jacen “the full package” and then some — his personal hobbies include nature shows, Pokemon Go, and martial arts (moves AND movies), in addition to his natural performance abilities in front of the camera. Originally from Maryland, Jacen loves to travel and fell in love with the city of Barcelona while away on a business trip.

In addition to his beefcake career Jacen is an activist.

Beefcake Twitter – Jacen Zhu

On Twitter Jacen Zhu has 51.5K followers

Beefcake Instagram – Jacen Zhu

On Instagram Jacen Zhu has 584 followers. Obviously his other Instagram was deleted.

Jacen Zhu (Sensei Kõga)
Black Queer Activist. HIV Treatment/Prevention Advocate. My truth is #TakedownTina #Undectectableman #uequalsu #translivesmatter #hinaciii


🎶Fighting stigma by moonlight
Educating in the daylight
Never running from a real fight!
He’s the one named Undetectable Man! 🎶 “Stigma has no place in our community”. -Undetectable Man
Arm yourself with knowledge:


Beefcake Facebook – Jacen Zhu

1,259 people like this

1,294 people follow this


Beefcake YouTube – Jacen Zhu

Jacen has a YouTube but no videos.



The fun continues in sunny Mexico…except for recently single Sean Ford who sits it out, still mooning and moping over the ex-beau he left behind. It’s enough for his friends Taylor Reign & Cory Kane to just let him be as they renew the spark in their relationship. Meanwhile long distance boyfriends Troy Accola & Jacen Zhu are happy to reconnect in Mexico, but they have their sights set on couple Allen King & Levi Karter. Fortunately they’re not interested in the same guy!


Beefcake News Jacen Zhu

Jacen Zhu, one of the most promising porn actors of his generation, begins his email to us with a Jasmine Masters reference, proving that he definitely has a good sense of humor. However, what he has to say is anything but funny. We reached out to him after reading two intriguing tweets about meth, also know as “Tina.”


Adult film actor Jacen Zhu announced on Monday that he would no longer be working with Noir Male, the studio founded by award-winning adult film director and drag queen Chi Chi LaRue. According to its own site, Noir Male “breaks free from stereotypes” about interracial gay porn and “showcases black men as sensual, sexual, and unapologetically fine.”


But not all sex workers think HIV-positive people should be banned from the field. Jacen Zhu is an adult performer and LGBTQIA activist. According to him, there are schools of queer performers who believe in opening up the industry gates to those living with an undetectable HIV status.


Jacen Zhu

Beefcake Scenes:

Jacen Zhu Solo

Firstly we have a nice solo set featuring Jacen Zhu poolside. Without a doubt he looks awesome.

Jacen Zhu with Ethan

Secondly, some great shots with Jacen Zhu and his co-star Ethan. Besides their attraction they look good together.

Jacen Zhu with Sean

Finally, this Civil War theme wih Jacen Zhu and Sean starring as soldiers who fall in love.

Beefcake Model Rocco Steele Scenes

Beefcake Model Rocco Steele Biography

In an age where we all have to be careful of what we post on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook or Grindr or Scruff etc etc etc, I have decided to take back my power and launch a one-stop-for-everything fan site where I can control my content and nobody else can. This is not to say this is a porn site because it is not. But I do not have to worry here about showing too much torso or god forbid, my belly button.


Beefcake Twitter – Rocco Steele

On Twitter Rocco Steele has 352K followers

Beefcake Instagram – Rocco Steele

On Instagram Rocco Steele has 244K followers

Rocco Steele
FEEL THE STEELE. The only OFFICIAL IG account for Rocco Steele. (I don’t have “back-up accounts”)
No that’s NOT me on Grindr you’ve been talking to.


Today I am 21 years clean and sober. I am open about this not to receive praise but to help anybody who may be struggling with alcohol and drugs. I have traveled the world and I see it first hand. There is a new epidemic in our community and there are deaths and overdoses every week in bars and clubs and hotel rooms etc etc …all around the world.
There is a different way to live my life today. I don’t need to be numb to face the wonderful challenges that face me every single day. I choose to be awake and conscious for every beautiful moment of it, bad and good.

If you think drugs and/or alcohol are a problem in your life, please know there is help. There are 12-step recovery meetings in every city around the world. All you have to do is google “12-step meetings near me” and you will find help.
A 12-step recovery program saved my life and allows me to be a better person and show up for my life today as a responsible and compassionate man.
You can have a better life too. It’s there waiting for you if you want it.


Congratulations to Rocco !

gay beefcake models
Beefcake Model Rocco Steele Scenes

Beefcake Facebook – Rocco Steele

9,913 people like this
Highlights info row image
10,868 people follow this


Beefcake YouTube – Rocco Steele

Couldn’t find an official Rocco Steele YouTube.. but he’s all over the place.

Gay Star News dropped into the Prowler Awards earlier this year to catch up with gay porn star Rocco Steele.


Bigger Xxxcited com Rocco Steele (AfterMovie) (20.04 – Code Club)


What’s a Boober? Boomer Banks & Rocco Steele explain the term to director Steve Cruz from the set of the new Raging Stallion movie ‘Cluster****,’ just before shooting their new scene!


Beefcake News Rocco Steele

Rocco Steele’s very first adult film was for Dragon himself in 2014. The fan-favorite stud has created an outsized imprint in all-male adult in just five years, including a win as XBIZ Gay Performer of the Year in 2016. “I never wanted to do porn but Ray talked to me [about] it and later became my ‘porn big brother’ and mentor,” Steele told XBIZ. “He gave me a lot of good advice in the early days.”


Rocco Steele, who’s become an adult entertainment star since he began his career in 2014, is over the moon about the increased income possibilities.

“It’s unbelievably more than I used to make doing studio work,” Steele told Out. “It’s the type of thing that feels like it’s all going to come crashing down because it’s too good to be true.”


Rocco Steele

Beefcake Scenes:

Rocco Steele with Colby & Zachen

Colby and Zachen star as roommates who are making too much noise and partying. Rocco is not happy.

Rocco Steele with Skippy

Skippy stars along with Rocco Steele.

Rocco Steele with Ashley & Kayden

In Tel Aviv Rocco hooks up with Ashley and Kayden.

Beefcake Model Dominic Pacifico Scenes

Beefcake Model Dominic Pacifico Biography

I’m Dominic Pacifico with my amazing, gorgeous boyfriend Casey Everett. In the past year I have been lucky enough to have my work as producer, director and model recognized and awarded.

Without a doubt Dominic has been active in the gay circuit. Despite his busy schedule he makes time for his fans. Along with Casey they make a dynamic duo.

Beefcake Twitter – Dominic Pacifico

On Twitter Dominic Pacifico has 89.9K followers

Beefcake Instagram – Dominic Pacifico

On Instagram Dominic Pacifico at this time he has 41K followers.

Dominic Pacifico
DJ PORNSTAR / Producer / Partner w/ @TheCaseyEverett #bodybuilding #djlife #pornstarlife


In addition Dominic was featured in this months DNA Magazine.

Beefcake YouTube – Dominic Pacifico

From San Francisco to Los Angeles and now Las Vegas, DJ PACIFICO formerly (DJ Pornstar)has dominated every region he’s called home base. An international sensation, he’s played huge events and venues on 5 Continents performing for the past 18 years. DJ PACIFICO has maintained long term residencies in SF, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and international venues.


Beside all that he has an official YouTube with 740 subscribers and Dominic promotes his DJ career on there.

Obviously, he supports the LGBT community.

In addition here he is at West Hollywood’s The Abbey. Dominic definitely keeps himself busy !

Beefcake News Dominic Pacifico

Here are some news items that featured Dominic. His engagement was especially nice to read. We undoubtedly wish them all the best.

Adult performers Dominic Pacifico and Casey Everett got engaged over the Christmas holiday at their home in Paradise, Nevada.

The actors, who often co-star together, shared a video to social media in which Pacifico unties a blindfold from around Everett’s head before getting down on one knee and proposing. Congrats to both of them.


For our afternoon DJ we have the iconic DJ Pacifico who has been a popular DJ and event producer for years. His great music and amazing energy will make the pool party event a smash hit.


Dominic Pacifico

Beefcake Scenes:

Dominic Pacifico with Travis

First we see Travis is back filming with gay legend Dominic Pacifico. The two musclebound studs are laying in opposite beds, when Travis wakes up to Dominic in his jockstrap.

Dominic Pacifico with Cayden

Secondly Cayden appears with Dominic – clearly there is an attraction here.

Dominic Pacifico Solo

Finally, this is the first scene that I could find with Dominic back in 2008. Despite the passage of time he looks the same as he did back then.

Beefcake Model Michael Roman Scenes

Beefcake Model Michael Roman Biography

Height: 6’3

Michael Roman is a tall and broad man with an imposing presence. “I’m pretty chill and go with the flow. I’m down for anything as long as I’m having fun,” Michael said.

Michael Roman does the gay circuit and travels around North America. He might appear at Gay Pride or maybe at a bar. He seems to favor the hairy and leather scene.. but he doesn’t limit himself. Michael seems to enjoy interacting with his many fans.

Beefcake Twitter – Michael Roman

On Twitter Michael Roman has 84K followers

Beefcake Instagram – Michael Roman

On Instagram Michael Roman has 1K followers

Michael Roman
New Profile! Banned at 50k 😂Adult Entertainer Michael Roman!
2019 Grabby Award’s Performer of the Year! GayVN award winner!


His other Instagram was deleted.

Look I’m wearing clothes!!! There’s no way this pic can get me in trouble!


Beefcake YouTube – Michael Roman

Michael Roman doesn’t seem to have an official YouTube. I could only find this age restricted video.

Daddy Next Door party creator, dj/producer Dwayne Minard interviews Michael Roman in bed April 13th 2019.


Beefcake News Michael Roman

Daddy Next Door NYE 2019

Village | Black Eagle (457 Church St.)
Pornstar Michael Roman hosts the NYE edition of this daddy-loving party inside The Black Eagle. House DJs Dwayne Minard and it’smikeyboy spin all night and there’s a champagne toast at Midnight.


Michael Roman was in Toronto for New Year’s Eve.

Performer of The Year: Calvin Banks & Michael Roman


Michael Roman

Beefcake Scenes:

Michael Roman with Dylan

Dylan appears with well matched co-star Michael Roman.

Michael Roman with Zach

Ginger model Zach appears with Michael Roman in this scene. It had something to do with football practice and sweaters.

Michael Roman with Armond

For this scene Armond & Michael Roman appear as roommates. Michael is too noisy for Armond but they work things out later on.

gay beefcake models
Michael Roman with Armond

Beefcake Model Paddy O’Brien Scenes

Beefcake Model Paddy O’Brien Biography

Born and raised in the UK, Paddy has grown to be a favorite to many. He is one of the hottest men you will have a rare chance to view on camera.

Beefcake Twitter – Paddy O’Brien

On Twitter Paddy O’Brien has 173K followers

Beefcake Instagram – Paddy O’Brien

On Instagram Paddy O’Brien has 211K followers

Paddy O’Brian


Food and chill time 🥘✨ lots of love.❤️ I Hope you all had a lovely day/night 👍👌👊

View this post on Instagram

#sweetdreams #godbless #love ❤️🎄XXX

A post shared by Paddy O’Brian (@paddyobrianxxx) on

Beefcake YouTube – Paddy O’Brien

Paddy O’Brien has a YouTube Channel with 1.7 subscribers.

Speed boat ride back from the caves in sunny Ibiza. Filming Pirates a gay porn parody XXX


OMG At A Gay Porn Shoot!


Paul Walker Interviews Paddy o brian


Paddy O’Brian and Trenton Ducati together with Paul Stag at HOTRODS – The British Gay Porn Awards 2013


Beefcake News Paddy O’Brien

Paddy has that classically handsome look, topped with lots of muscle that is low-key fairytale prince levels. He also looks amazing in a suit. Or in leather gear. Or nothing.


While Paddy O’Brien will be playing Bucky.


Paddy O’Brien

Beefcake Scenes:

Paddy O’Brien

Paddy O’ Brian, the sexy, stud whose 99.7% straight, a born exhibitionist, matinee idol good looks, a great body. There’s a whole lot to love with Paddy, his cocky, cockney charm, he doesn’t mind showing off – but even more than all his considerable physical its his attitude, sexy as hell. We’ll be concentrating on bringing that 0.3% to the fore!


Paddy O’Brien with Marco

Here Paddy stars with Marco. I don’t remember all the details but the scene had something to do the therapy.

Paddy O’Brien with Ace

An early scene. Here is the original text: “Two cocky straight lads have taken different paths to what happens today; Jay started off five years ago, where he was out his comfort zone doing arty nude shots! “

Paddy O’Brien with Brandon

Another early scene where Paddy appears with Brandon.

Paddy O’Brien with Trenton

Paddy stars with Trenton who are friends off screen.

Beefcake Model Ricky Roman Scenes

Beefcake Model Ricky Roman Biography

What’s not to like about Ricky? He’s the type of guy that has a little something for everyone. He’s a biracial, gay hunk.

Beefcake Twitter – Ricky Roman

On Twitter Ricky Roman has 112K followers

Beefcake Instagram – Ricky Roman

On Instagram Ricky Roman has 131K followers

Ricky Roman


28 on the 28th! I have a good feeling about this one. I feel so much love and positive energy from my friends and family near and far. I’m just really grateful. ♐️♐️♐️ Happy thanksgiving! 🦃


Ricky celebrated his champagne birthday recently.

View this post on Instagram

@joshmooreofficial 🌹 #fbf

A post shared by Ricky Roman (@rickyroman91) on

Here he is with his boyfriend.

Beefcake Facebook – Ricky Roman

November 28, 1991

Beefcake IMDB – Ricky Roman

He has an entry on IMDB with some of his most recent work.

Beefcake YouTube – Ricky Roman

Ricky has a YouTube channel with over 5K subscribers.

I take your inquiries from twitter.


Follow me & my shenanigans with myself and the boys thru the city of lights!


The second part of my March installment of pillow talk….I know wtf could I talk about for so long… keep em comin on tumblr yall


Beefcake News Ricky Roman

Troy Accola, Adam Ramzi, Ricky Roman and Francois Sagat fill out the starry supporting cast. Banks is an XBIZ Awards nominee and Sagat is the reigning XBIZ winner for Gay Performer of the Year.


8) Ricky Roman

Porn can be pretty humorless. It just depends on what floats your boat. But over on Ricky Roman’s Insta, he’s not afraid to share @best_of_grindr-worthy memes that actually involve screencaps of himself. And of course, like many of us gay men, he geeks out over his favorite pop stars.


Ricky Roman

Beefcake Scenes:

Ricky Roman with Angel

Angel Cruz and Ricky Roman describe themselves as “really really good friends,” and it’s easy to see why. They have a lot of chemistry together, always cracking jokes with each other. This isn’t the first time these two inked-up Latin studs have done a scene together, but it is the first time they’ve done it in front of a live audience

Ricky Roman with Mateo

Here we see Ricky helping Mateo get over his nervousness.

Ricky Roman with Wess

This scene with Wess and Ricky was epic.

Ricky Roman with Ben

Found this early scene with Ricky and Ben from 2013. Here was the description: “they’re both dark, muscular, and have about the same amount of tattoos. Their chemistry was undeniable “

Ricky Roman with Max

Finally, Ricky stars with Max in a scene shot earlier this past spring.

Beefcake Model Colby Keller Scenes

Beefcake Model Colby Keller Biography

Born October 18, 1980, in Michigan,[2] Colby Keller was raised in Texas[7] where he graduated from the University of Houston with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology. In addition, he is a graduate of The Maryland Institute College of Art, with a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in visual and performing arts.[8]Wiki

Beefcake Twitter – Colby Keller

On Twitter Colby Keller has 151K followers

Beefcake Instagram – Colby Keller

On Instagram Colby Keller has 131K followers

Colby Keller
Forcibly retired former porn star, alas, still human.
In need of food. . . shelter. . . and you!


Beefcake Facebook – Colby Keller

There were a lot of Colby Keller profiles on Facebook using his photos. Have no idea which one is the real one.

Beefcake IMDB – Colby Keller

He has an entry on IMDB with some of his most recent work.

Beefcake YouTube – Colby Keller

Colby has a YouTube channel with over 5K subscribers but he is found all over platform.

Q&A with Jake Bass at AXM Glasgow

I’m Colby Keller. Artist. Sex Nerd. Blogger.

I’m campaigning for funds to support a trip across North America with a van, a mattress and a camera. Help bring me to your city for some porn-y adventures or snag a t-shirt and help me along my way.


Colby ran a campaign to get funding.

Chris and Colby answer your questions LIVE on YouTube for BAKER DAILY: TRUMP TAKEDOWN!

Disclaimer: Colby’s opinions are his own and do not represent those of this show or its producers


Espaço de entrevista com Colby Keller, artista visual e sex activist.

Horário: Segunda a Sexta, às 22h30 e 1h, no Canal Q.

Posição 16 no MEO, 70 na NOS e 19 na VODAFONE.


Beefcake News Colby Keller

In one shot for Vivienne Westwood’s new womenswear campaign, the gay porn star Colby Keller is in red thigh-high boots, a tiny pair of bikini briefs, and a tatty-looking—though probably very expensive—housecoat.


Like it or not (and most of us dislike it, including me) Trump — the self-financed independent billionaire — represented a vote against a corrupt system. We can’t afford to let different approaches to strategy undermine our basic, shared commitment to the future — a future where all of us, and not just the rich and well-connected, continue to live and to love on this planet.


Colby Keller Beefcake Scenes:

Colby Keller Solo

This is an early set of images featuring Colby from 2012. He makes a very good cowboy.

Colby Keller with Chris

This was from the same set as the cowboy scene.

Colby Keller Solo

Another sole by Colby. This one was from 2013 and they talk about how he has an anthropology degree. They go on to say that he is a free thinking intellectual that travels his own path.

Colby Keller with Gabriel

From 2013 Colby appears with Gabriel

Colby Keller with Pierre

Here Colby stars alongside Pierre and this session was apart of a DVD from 2013. In the scene Colby is described as being ‘200+ pounds of muscle’.

Colby Keller with Seth

Colby appears with Seth in one of his first scenes.

gay men can be so damn mean !

Beefcake Model Jacob Bass Scenes

Beefcake Model Jacob Bass Biography

Jake Bass is one sexy beefcake: part angel, part Devil! With a passion for life. He is smooth with a tattooed body and a unique personality, Jake Bass won’t be forgotten!

Beefcake Twitter – Jacob Bass

On Twitter Jacob Bass has 213K followers

Beefcake Instagram – Jacob Bass

On Instagram Jacob Bass has 435K followers

Redéfinir les lignes. – Hedonistic – Shinigami. MTL/NYC g

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Jacob Bass (@itsjakebass) on

Beefcake YouTube – Jacob Bass

Jacob doesn’t seem to have an official YouTube. But he is all over the platform. He gives a lot of Interviews and seems very candid about sharing his life.

Q&A with Jake Bass at AXM Glasgow


As part of LGBT Pride Month I’m bringing you guys a new collaboration video every single day! For today’s video I’m joined by Jake Bass to talk about how he is more than just a porn star and how he wants to make a difference in the lives of LGBT+ people everywhere.


The former adult actor talks love, intimacy and life after porn in Attitude’s Summer Pride issue.


Beefcake News Jake Bass

Former GT cover star Jake Bass has shown off the results of his ski slope accident.

The ‘adult actor’ was attempting his best Gus Kenworthy snow skills when he suffered a fall and broke his right arm.


Jacob Bass

Selected Scenes:

Jacob Bass with Alex

Alex and Jacob co-starred in this scene from 2012. They ditched the muscle studs for the weekend and spent several days getting to know each other better.

Jacob Bass with Dillon

Dillon was excited to work with Jacob after moved to New York City. The couple were texting and even sexting before their scene together.

Jacob Bass with Ben

This scene stars Ben with Jacob at the peak of his career.

Jacob Bass with Ricky

A scene from 2013 where Jacob works with Ricky.

Jacob Bass with Tommy

Finally, we revisit this scene where Jacob appears with Tommy.

Beefcake Model Josh Moore Scenes

Beefcake Model Josh Moore Biography

Big muscles, light blue eyes, the tan skin, and scruff. Josh is from Britain — a country his boyfriend Ricky referred to as the “land of foreskin”.

Beefcake Twitter – Josh Moore

On Twitter Josh Moore has 213K followers

Beefcake Instagram – Josh Moore

On Instagram Josh Moore has almost 87K followers

After Halloween

Beefcake Facebook – Josh Moore

He doesn’t have an official presence on Facebook.. but you can find his Pride Event appearances everywhere. He seems to be enjoying the gay circuit.

Beefcake IMDB – Josh Moore

He has an entry on IMDB with some of his most recent work.

Beefcake YouTube – Josh Moore

Josh doesn’t seem to have an official YouTube. But he is all over the platform. He gives a lot of Interviews and seems very candid about sharing his life.

Just easing my way back into the vlogosphere… feel free to leave questions for me or my handsome goofy ass boyfriend, or things you’d like us (me) to talk about. Let’s have some fun! Take care 🙂

Josh and I answer questions from yous guys! As promised here is a link to the scene we filmed the very day we met. 18+ only!


At the time of this video Ricky and Josh were dating. The video was time stamped about a year ago. Not sure if they are still a couple.

Josh Moore Selected Scenes:

Josh Moore with Andro

In London where Josh is from he meets Andro on an dating APP. They meet up before Josh is supposed to meet some friends later on at Buckingham Palace.

Josh Moore with Wess

Here we see Josh co-starring with Wess. The are having some fun experimenting.

Josh Moore with Max

For his debut appearance Max stars alongside Josh in the poolside scene. He talks about how he finds his co-star attractive.

Beefcake Model Sean Ford Scenes

Beefcake Model Sean Ford Biography

I’m an Arkansas boy… I feel at home both in the sunny outdoors and dancing at the club. You can sometimes catch me watching football or basketball, or out on the courts playing some tennis. I have a huge weakness for athletic guys and twinks like myself.


Height: 5′ 8″
Weight: 138 lbs
Waist: 27″
Ethnicity: American
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Orientation: Gay

Beefcake Twitter – Sean Ford

On Twitter Sean Ford has 102K followers

Beefcake Instagram – Sean Ford

On Instagram Sean Ford has 178K followers

He has been captured in sculpture.

Beefcake Facebook – Sean Ford

Beefcake IMDB – Sean Ford

He has an entry on IMDB with some of his most recent work.

Beefcake YouTube – Sean Ford

Sean doesn’t seem to have an official YouTube. But he is all over the platform.

Happy Bestfriend’s Day! To celebrate this day we have Rubber Child and Lisa Limbaugh with us on Shot with Soju. Rubber and Lisa is a social media sensation that is quickly gaining love or thousands of followers. They have been featured together on magazines to World of Wonders Network. This duo created their own unique drag competition show in South Florida and they don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Watch how this controversial duo keeps us entertained and how they came to be the House of Piss.

Giving Sean Ford His First Full Body Orgasm

Sean Ford Selected Scenes:

Sean Ford with Küper

Apparently they both have developed the confidence to go after who they like and what they want and that’s one big factor in bringing them together. That is what the blurb says about them.

Sean Ford with Ben

Ben blindfolds Sean and takes him on a journey in which all his other senses are heightened through lack of visual stimulation!

Sean Ford with Justin

He has had a crush on Justin, whose energy and haircut have fueled many fantasies…and now they get realized. Sean kisses him and looks at his muscular body.

Sean Ford with Paul

In Paris, France Sean has meet Paul at a club and brought him back to his hotel room.

Sean Ford with Ty

Sean appears here with Ty after they discover they have a mutual attraction for each other.

Beefcake Model Ashton Summers Scenes

Beefcake Model Ashton Summers Biography

The Puerto Rican dancer Ashton Summers loves life. The craziest place was in a train station, and he’d love to get his hands on Justin Timberlake as his fantasy man! That is what his online biography says about Ashton.

Beefcake Stats

Here are the basic stats that Ashton has listed online.

Height: 6'
Weight: 170 lbs
Waist: 29
Ethnicity: Latin
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Orientation: Bi

Beefcake Twitter – Ashton Summers

On Twitter Ashton Summers has 121K followers

Beefcake Instagram – Ashton Summers

Ashton Summers doesn’t have an official Instagram account. Probably because it was deleted.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Ashton Summers ⭐️ FAN PAGE (@iamashtonsummers) on

There are several ‘fan’ accounts and some with thousands of followers. Be wary of some of the Instagram accounts that are claiming to be the real Ashton. There are a lot of fakes out there !

Beefcake Facebook – Ashton Summers

Beefcake IMDB – Ashton Summers

He has an entry on IMDB with some of his most recent work but only as of 2018.

Beefcake YouTube – Ashton Summers

He seems to have official YouTube Channel – Os Sanjurjo

Ashton was a dancer for Pride weekend at a club in Miami.

Answering question from subscribers. I hope you like it.


Here he answers some questions from his fans.

How To Be A Gay Porn Star – Ashton Summers


Ashton Summers Selected Scenes:

Ashton With Tyler

This scene shows Tyler with Ashton who is described as a latinx god who hits the gym hard. You can see that this pair of beefcake models are well matched.

Ashton With Hayden

For this scene Ashton is called a ‘superstar’ and is paired with Hayden. This picture shows them getting to each other well. Ashton interview his co-star for a beefcake model website.

Ashton with Travis

Travis is Ashton’s real life boyfriend. They fool around on the couch while going through Travis’s phone.

Ashton with Josh & Travis

Boyfriends, Ashton, and Travis decide to add a Josh to their party. They have some fun as they tour around Las Vegas earlier this year.

Beefcake Model Max Konnor Scenes

Beefcake Model Max Konnor Biography

Max Konnor is a NYC based alpha without remorse — and that says a lot when you . Max’s idea of the perfect lazy day is relaxing at one on the couch and bingeing Netflix. “I’m quite the homebody.” That’s what his bio says.

Beefcake Instagram – Max Konnor

Max Konnor has just over 43.7K followers on Instagram..

🅼🅰🆇 🅺🅾🅽🅽🅾🆁 【Official】
Official Instagram of Award Winning Porn 💫 MAX KONNOR *I HAVE NO BACKUP ACCOUNTS 🚫 | Twitter: maxkonnorxxx
For my exclusive content go to:


Beefcake Twitter – Max Konnor

On Twitter Max Konnor has 294K followers

Beefcake YouTube

Max Konnor has come under some heat for always siding with whiteness but when he finally experienced what he called “racism” he wanted us to jump to his side after dismissing us.


MAX KONNOR the Bare Truth – Sex with XL, Work, and More

Max Konnor decides to sit with the “Interview King” Wesley Henderson, and he opens up no pun intended.


Beefcake IMDB – Max Konnor

He has an entry on IMDB with lots of his most recent work.

Beefcake News – Max

UPDATE: After kicking Max Konnor out of their store on Saturday, The Leather Man store has responded to allegations of racism. In a statement posted to Instagram that describes the accusations as “rumors and misinformation,” the leather and kink retailer spoke to its long history of inclusion through a pre-Stonewall era and beyond.


Said Konnor in a video posted to Twitter: “Racism. I just basically got kicked out of a store because of the color of my skin. If you guys ever come to New York or if you frequent this place, please let them know how you feel.”


Max Konnor Selected Scenes:

Max with Nico

After a pool party Max and Nico hang out.

Max with Cazden

Cazden has been dreaming of having a scene with Max for a long time. His dream came true.

Max with Bar

This interracial scene stars Max with Bar who are in a business meeting.

Max with Taylor

Max Konnor likes a good bottom and Taylor Reign is just the right person to fill that position and as Max puts it, “work to get me off”

Max with Adrian

Here we see Max who is sitting at his desk and telling Adrian that he needs to step it up at the office. Max heard his work is slacking and unless he steps it up, he will have to take further action.

Beefcake Model Skyy Knox Scenes

Beefcake Model Skyy Knox Biography

Body Hair : Smooth

Height : 5’11”

Hair Color : Dark brown

Eye Color : Brown

Body Type : Body builder

Beefcake Instagram – Skyy

Skyy Knox just over 83.7K followers on Instagram..

Falcon Studios Exclusive
GoGo Dancer
-JJ Malibu-


Skyy just recently got his Instagram account back. It was deleted by in September.

Ms Evans’ group has collected a list of more than 1,300 performers who claim that their accounts have been deleted by Instagram’s content moderators for violations of the site’s community standards, despite not showing any nudity or sex.


Maybe it had something to do with this article that was posted on the BBC.

Beefcake Twitter – Skyy

On Twitter Skyy Knox 93.8K followers

Here Skyy is celebrating getting his Instagram account back.

Beefcake YouTube

Skyy doesn’t have an official YouTube channel but he appears on that platform several times.

A fan of his has made a video of Skyy swimming in what looks like a hotel swimming pool.

Join us as our guest SkyyKnox plays our brand new game Truth Or Dare Trivia!

JJ Malibu is a brand of underwear. They seem to be worn by very muscular gay men.

Beefcake News – Skyy

Favorite International Star
Skyy Knox


He was nominated just this week.

Next, Dane and Somers mentioned an Aug. 18 Community Day Event fundraiser happening during Pride Montreal. The event will feature gay erotic celebs like adult performer Skyy Knox and YouTube butt-man Bryan Hawn.


Skyy Knox Selected Scenes:

Skyy with Devin & Steven

Devin Franco complains to Skyy Knox and Steven Lee about how he didn’t get any Canadian cock while on his trip to Montreal. As a consolation prize, Skyy and Steven offer their cocks up to Devin, who happily accepts the offering.

Skyy with Ethan

Here Skyy appears with fellow model Ethan as they meet in Montreal’s famous Stock Bar.

Stock Bar’s official website, the best stripclub for men in Montreal, broadcasted live every night. Best male strippers of every type : Twinks, Muscles, Studs, Hunks …


Skyy with Steven

Steven Lee catches Skyy Knox’s attention by pulling his massive dick out in the pool. Skyy likes what he sees and slowly removes his sunglasses and saunters down into the water where he takes Steven’s dick in his mouth.

Skyy with Josh

This scene features Skyy as Josh’s lover who he wakes up.

Skyy with Max

Max Adonis is coming home from the grocery store when he stops in to say hi to the new neighbor, Sky Knox. Skyy invites Max in to check out the view of the neighborhood and works his magic by feeling Max’s firm ass.

Beefcake Model Austin Wolf Scenes

Beefcake Model Austin Wolf Biography

Born: April 3, 1983 (age 36 years)
Height: 1.93 m

Beefcake Instagram – Austin Wolf

Austin Wolf has just over 388K followers on Instagram..

Follow Me! Fitness Obsessed | 6’4″ 247lbs | Model | CEO of | check out my exclusive private vids |👇🏻👇🏼👇🏽👇🏾👇🏿


He went on vacation in Nicaragua

Beefcake Twitter – Austin Wolf

On Twitter Austin Wolf has 284K followers

Beefcake IMDB – Austin Wolf

He has an entry on IMDB with some of his most recent work.

Beefcake News – Austin Wolf

GC: Was it hard to come out in Texas?

AW: Coming to terms with my sexuality was a difficult process. Luckily, my family was extremely supportive. They were definitely surprised at first. I didn’t exactly exude any of the traits they would think of as gay. I was much less obvious about my sexuality back then.

Gay Calgary

A flight attendant has been suspended and Delta Airlines is investigating after adult performer Austin Wolf posted clips to his Twitter account in which he was sexually engaged with the uniformed employee inside an aircraft lavatory.


You’ve likely heard by now that a Delta Airlines employee was suspended from his job this week after hooking up with adult film performer Austin Wolf in an aircraft lavatory. Not just that, but the whole thing was caught on tape and uploaded online.


Austin Wolf Selected Scenes:

Austin With Francois

First scene with Francois even thought Austin and him have been flirting online for years.

Austin with Ian

In this scene Ian plans a waiter who goes back into Austin’s private room.

Austin with Scott

Scott sees Austin in the sauna and likes what he sees.

Austin with Sean

Sean stars alongside Austin where they appear as a couple.

Austin with Levi

Finally, this scene shows Levi and Austin as a couple. Austin has had a longtime crush on his co-star.

Beefcake Model Ricky Larkin Scenes

Beefcake Model Ricky Larkin Biography

It should be noted that Ricky took a much needed break from modelling in August 2013. Clearly he came back way hotter and even stronger than ever, and his popularity is going strong today.

“my life. your entertainment” is his motto and he lives in Las Vegas Nevada

Body Hair : Moderately hairy

Height : 6’0″

Hair Color : Dark brown

Eye Color : Brown

Body Type : Muscular

Beefcake Instagram – Ricky Larkin

Ricky Larkin has just over 9K followers on Instagram..

ricky larkin
las vegas 🌵
still climbing 🧗🏻‍♂️
i am imperfection in its greatest form
🤴🏻♦️ 4♣️ 2♠️


Obviously he seems to like rock climbing.

Beefcake Twitter – Ricky Larkin

On Twitter Ricky Larkin has 114K followers

Beefcake IMDB – Ricky Larkin

He has an entry on IMDB with lots of his most recent work.

Beefcake News – Ricky

Nakedsword & Falcon studios group present the Porn Star Takeover along with Steven Lee, Colton Reece, Devin Franco, Ricky Larkin, Skyy Knox and fan favorites Dante Colle and Nic Sahara. Meet and greet with performances and Nakedsword giveaways.

Chicago Pride

Part of Grabbys Weekend in Chicago! Beside that Ricky tours the gay circuit especially gay pride weekends all around the United States.

Ricky Larkin toplines a new sports-themed threesome in “Outta the Park!” from Raging Stallion Studios.


Ricky Larkin Selected Scenes:

Ricky Solo

Now Ricky Larkin is 32 years old now and he makes a return visit to after a 7-year hiatus. As well as that you will notice is that Ricky has really beefed up his body and is now very chiseled and hard as a rock.

Ricky with Zander Beefcake Models

This scene takes place in Ricky Larkin’s hometown of Las Vegas In constrast they appear together in a loft for a daytime meeting.

Ricky with Liam Beefcake Models

Finally, this scene stars Ricky as a boss who finds his employee Liam slacking off. Undoubtedly he has learned to act !

Beefcake Model Ryan Rose Scenes

Beefcake Model Ryan Rose Biography

Body Hair : Smooth

Height : 6’3″

Hair Color : Light brown

Eye Color : Blue

Body Type : Gymnast

Beefcake Instagram – Ryan Rose

Ryan Rose has 150K followers on Instagram..

Ryan Rose
•Porn Superstar



Please help me give back to the our community. June 2020 I will riding in the @aidslifecycle. My job is to ride 545 miles in 7 days. Starting in San Francisco and ending in LA on pride. You job is to love and support us riders. Please donate what you can at my link here 👇🏼
Together we all can make a difference. It’s not easy by any means but the lasting impression of this event will leave you changed for life. Nowhere else can you experience this sense of belonging and community. Here we have a purpose and here we achieve our goals. Thank you for your support. 🚴🏼‍♂️


He took part in the annual Life Cycle in LA.

View this post on Instagram this is the platform I use personally!

A post shared by Ryan Rose (@ryanroseofficial) on

He is trying to get subscribers to his account.

Beefcake Twitter – Ryan Rose

On Twitter Ryan Rose has 114K followers

Beefcake Facebook

Found this Facebook page that does seem to check out as being his.

Hobart High School (Indiana)
Class of 2004 · Hobart, Indiana

Joliet Junior College
Joliet, Illinois
Secondary education


He seems to be from Illinois.

Beefcake IMDB – Ryan Rose

He has an entry on IMDB with some of his work. It ends at 2018 when he retired.

Beefcake YouTube – Ryan

Ryan doesn’t seem to have an official YouTube channel but he appears on different channels.

A-Team Captain and Exclusive Ryan Rose chats with award-winning director Steve Cruz about his normal 9-5 job before porn, and his process to becoming a better model thru self critique!


This clip is from 2015.

Rock, Paper, Scissors SHOOT! Watch Jacob Ford, Ryan Rose, and Jon Pastor battle it out, and loose all there clothes in the process;)
Andrew Christian Models: Ryan Rose, Jacob Ford, Jon Pastor


Ryan Rose at Falcon Studios, Raging Stallion, and Hot House Annual VIP Party held at Mezzanine in San Francisco on Sept 20. Folsom Street Fair 2014


Beefcake News – Ryan

A former U.S. Marine, and “standing 6’3 and 205 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal, Ryan is a versatile powerhouse with arguably one of the hottest bodies to ever appear”.

Rose will mount his first comeback shoots next week, beginning with Beaux Banks and Devin Franco for Hot House Video.

The stud described his new persona as “the ‘Daddy era’ of Ryan Rose.”

“I feel like a fine wine, getting better with age. It was nice to take a year off and have time to reflect on all that I accomplished. During my break, I discovered that I have a lot more performing left in me, and I want to share it with everyone,” Rose said. “I’m so happy that I will be working with Falcon and NakedSword again. I am thankful to them for believing in me and for all my fans who have been supportive through the years. Watch out! I’m back everyone, and the best is yet to come.”


Thankfully Ryan has ended his ‘retirement’ after taking a year off.

Ryan Rose Selected Scenes:

Ryan with Devin Beefcake Models

Here we find Ryan with fellow beefcake model Devin where he plays a doctor.

Ryan with Fellow Beefcake Models

Is this scenario Ryan hires a go-go dancer for a friends bachelor party.

Ryan with Danny

Danny appears with Ryan Rose is this scene that takes place in locker room. Danny plays the teams assistant and Ryan is the coach although we don’t know for what sport.

Ryan with Pierce & Josh

Another gym theme for this one with Pierce and Josh appearing alongside Ryan.

Ryan with Kayden

This final scene takes place on a Tel Aviv beach. Ryan Rose stars with Kayden in a perfect setting for lovers.

Beefcake Model Boomer Banks Scenes

Beefcake Model Boomer Banks Biography

Not only is Boomer a beefcake model but he is also a fashion designer. Check out this article in Paper Mag.

Beefcake Instagram – Boomer Banks

Boomer Banks has 156K followers on Instagram..

MX🇲🇽 in NYC🗽Designer @bankksnyc, Sex positive Queer Activist Prod/Dirct/Perf #boomerme 🐶 Dad to #BUSTERBANKS Bookings:


I’m overwhelmed with joy at the phenomenal job @diegomontoyastudio and @handmadebyjacob did to make this happen for me. I appreciate you and celebrate you art my dear friends u are magical beyond comprehension #aquaman #boomerme


He works for a costume design house in New York City.

He seems to have a sponsorship deal as a brand ambassador for “Pure for Men” which is “The all-natural men’s cleanliness supplement designed for you to bottom with confidence.”

Beefcake Twitter – Boomer Banks

On Twitter Boomer Banks has 211K followers

Beefcake Facebook – The Real Boomer

“hobbies include bangin guys on one night stands and then sending them facebook relationship requests the next morning just to freak em out” TFLN


Beefcake IMDB – Boomer Banks

He has an entry on IMDB with most of his work.

Beefcake YouTube – Boomer

Boomer doesn’t seem to have an official YouTube channel but he appears on different channels.

Comedian Jonny McGovern hosts “Hey Qween!” The gayest talk show of all time! Jonny and his sidekick, drag diva Lady Red Couture, riff about current hot topics and interview amazing LGBT guests! This week Porn Star Boomer Banks joins us!


He appears on a YouTube channel and this episode from 2015 has 116K views.

Boomer Banks – Trade2Trade


Join FleshJack Boy and CockyBoys superstar Boomer Banks as he interviews RuPaul’s Drag Race queens, porn stars and celebrities at DragCon 2017 in Los Angeles!


Beefcake News – Boomer

Things we like about Boomer Banks: His love for Sia. His collection of High Tops. He’s named his fans after bacon. His ass. He was kind enough to show us two out of four in the photo below. He just needed to have Sia screaming about Titanium on one side of him and a fan dressed as bacon on the other. If we were any good at photoshop we’d try and fix that. But we’re not. Good story, right? Here’s Boomer…


Boomer Banks Selected Scenes:

Boomer with Devin Beefcake Models

Here we find Boomer with fellow beefcake model Devin.

Boomer with Max Beefcake Models

Somehow Boomer Banks has got lost in the woods with Max.

Boomer with JJ Beefcake Models

In a hotel room is where Boomer Banks finally gets to meet JJ

Boomer with Wes Beefcake Models

Seeing as it’s cold outside Boomer and Wes head inside to warm up.

Boomer with an All Star Beefcake Cast

In a scene that can’t really be summarized very quickly .. Boomer appears with other beefcake models.

Beefcake Model Carter Dane Scenes

Beefcake Model Carter Dane Biography

With his flawlessly smooth, muscular body, dark hair and eyes who could possibly resist Carter?

Beefcake Instagram – Carter Dane

He doesn’t have an official Instagram account (it got deleted) . there are plenty of fan accounts.

But you can still find his images all over that platform.

Beefcake Twitter – Carter Dane

On Twitter Carter Dane has 90.3K followers

Beefcake Facebook

There are plenty of fake Carter Dane profiles on Facebook.

Beefcake IMDB – Carter Dane

He has an entry on IMDB but it’s not up to date. There is only one entry for 2019.

Beefcake YouTube – Carter

Carter seems to have an official YouTube channel but he appears on different channels.
The channel I found only had 1.24K subscribers.

Here we are!

Our fundraiser for the non-profit Rainbow Railroad is now up and running!

You have until August 18th 11:59pm to donate online and get the chance to win one of our seven (7) amazing price baskets!!

And if you are near Montréal, Canada on August 18th, come meet us at Montréal Pride Community Day, where four (4) more baskets will be raffled out!

We want also to specify once more that donations of any amount are accepted! So donate and change the lives of LGBTQI+ individuals all over the world!

We love you all so, very much and thank you to each and of everyone of you for your support!Special thanks to our sponsors and the lovely performers helping us😘💗


Here Carter and Alex explain why they are passionate about the Rainbow Railroad.

After making the terrible mistake of reading the comments section of the animated short “In a Heartbeat”, here are my thoughts 😅

Love to all💓


Beefcake News – Carter

YouTube recently censored a video from adult performer Carter Dane promoting an Aug. 18 Montreal fundraiser for Rainbow Railroad, a Toronto-based organization that has helped queer people flee the ongoing anti-LGBTQ violence in Chechnya. The Carter Dane YouTube censorship continues a long, ongoing pattern of YouTube mishandling LGBTQ content.


Carter Dane Selected Scenes:

Carter with Alex

Real life couple Carter and Alex share their love on camera.

Carter with Chris

Here Carter stars with fellow French model Chris.

Carter with Cade

Cade gets an opportunity to model with Carter.

Carter with Sean

In this scene Carter and Sean play a couple of lovers.

Carter with Brandon

Carter was nervous at first to be working with Brandon but got more relaxed as the shoot continued.

Beefcake Model Vadim Black Scenes

Beefcake Model Vadim Black Biography

Hair: Black | Eye: Green | Sign: Aries | Favorite Foods: Steak | Favorite Movie: X | Favorite City: Orlando | Hobbies: Workout, Sports, Chill | Likes The Most: Like Playing Sports And Working Out | Doesn’t Like: Not Much | Best Thing About: Outgoing And Friendly | Worst Thing About: Stubborn | How To Make Happy: Just Be Respectful And Friendly

Vadim was featured in an episode of MTV’s True Life back in 2015. After the airing of that show his career really took off.

Birth Place: Moscow, Russia
Height: 5′ 7″

Beefcake Instagram – Vadim Black

Not sure if this Vadim’s official Instagram or not.. he’s had a few accounts deleted.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Luke Hiles aka "Vadim Black" (@vadimblack.official) on

Beefcake Twitter – Vadim Black

On Twitter Vadim Black has 83.9K followers

Beefcake IMDB – Vadim Black

He has an entry on IMDB but it’s not up to date.

Beefcake YouTube – Vadim

Vadim seems to have an official YouTube channel but he also appears on different channels. 500 subscribers.

Clearly this video was recorded over 5 years ago.

In this clip with Jake he talks about a video they were working on together. Apparently some people weren’t happy with Jake. They both seem like they are trying to make an appeal to their fans.

Here is the sneak peek of the episode that Vadim appeared in for MTV’s True Life.

Beefcake News – Vadim

This article talks about how a real alligator was used on one of Vadim’s video shoots. It should be noted PETA was not happy about this video shoot. However the director says that none of the animals were “corralled, moved or used as props.”

Vadim Black Selected Scenes:

Vadim Solo

Here Vadim gives a solo beefcake performance.

Vadim with Adrian

In an anniversary photo and video shoot Vadim appears with Adrian.

Vadim with Steven & Jack

For this scene Vadim plays a gay man who is unhappy with boyfriend Steven. His boyfriend has ‘wandering eyes’ which isn’t going down with Vadim.

Vadim with Justin

In this scene Justin has been following Vadim on social media. He has a crush on Vadim and decides to book a flight to his home town. By accident Justin runs into Vadim at the tennis court. They hang out and it off. It’s a good thing Vadim doesn’t see him as a stalker.

Vadim with Roman

Finally, Vadim plays a man who’s love life isn’t doing very well. He ends up going to a psychic. The psychic played by Roman gets romantically involved with Vadim.

Beefcake Model Calvin Banks Scenes

Calvin Banks Beefcake Model

Check out some beefcake scenes with Calvin Banks and browse his social.

Beefcake Instagram – Calvin Banks

Calvin Banks can boast almost 75K followers on Instagram

He celebrated Halloween dressed as Bam Bam from the Flinstones

“Calvin T. Banks🍒
The “T” stands for Trouble😉 | Future Trophy Wife🏆| Pisces♓️ |
Club Bookings – ‘


Beefcake Twitter – Calvin Banks

On Twitter Calvin Banks has 130K followers

Beefcake IMDB – Calvin Banks

Calvin has an entry on IMDB

Beefcake YouTube – Calvin

Here Calvin celebrates Halloween with Max Carter

On a more serious side of Calvin you can listen to this Podcast where he talks about everything from YouTube censorship to the sexual abuse that he suffered within his own family.

Beefcake News – Calvin

Calvin talks about the trauma that he had experienced.

Banks said that he was able to get over much of the trauma that could have ensued because his mother put he and his sisters, who had also been sexually abused by their father, into counseling very quickly.


Calvin Banks Selected Scenes:

Calvin with Jacob

Here is Calvin in another interview scene where he opens up about his life. He even admits that he didn’t like his hair and kept it short. Now he grows his hair long is proud of his curls.

Calvin with Carter

In a difficult to describe scene he appears with Carter. He plays a character named Adrian with has returned to New Orleans. He meets Carter who plays an auditor and they find themselves attracted to each other. Carter allows Adrian aka Calvin to crash on his sofa.

Calvin with Clark

This time Calvin plays Clark’s lover and they two wake up in bed with each other.

Calvin with Collin

In this scene Calvin is just hanging out with Collin as they spend the day by the pool.

Calvin with Aiden

In this final scene Aiden hangs out with Calvin in Las Vegas. We see the two of them having a good time all around Sin City. They end up going back to a hotel room after they are ‘left to their own devices’.

Beefcake Model Actor François Sagat

François Sagat Beefcake Model & Actor

François Sagat (born June 5, 1979) is a French male gay film actor, model and director who has also appeared in mainstream media. He is best known for his rugged looks and scalp tattoo. He has appeared at times as a fashion model and starting 2009, he appeared in cinematic roles in films for the general public including Saw VI (2009) and lead roles in L.A. Zombie (2010) and Man at Bath (2010).

François Sagat Instagram

489k followers on IG

François Sagat Twitter

253k followers on Twitter

François Sagat IMDB

Trivia (3)
His father is Slovakian and Lebanese and his Mother is Lebanese making him 3/4 Arab.
Born in Cognac, in the south-west of France. Moved to Paris at the age of eighteen, hoping to work in the fashion industry. After studying fashion for two years in Paris and working briefly as, what he called a “slave assistant” in various fashion houses, he left the profession.
Explained that his hair began to thin out a few years ago and since he felt that his head was too long and disproportionated. In order to make it more symmetrical, he decided to get a tattoo that gave the illusion of hairy scalp.


François Sagat Film Series

With a trademark tattooed scalp and Adonis physique, François Sagat has sculpted himself into a persona that, as filmmaker Christophe Honoré proclaimed, “redefines the notion of masculinity.” Chosen by designer Bernard Wilhelm to model his first ever collection during Paris Fashion week, the French born Sagat, a well-known star in the queer film industry, has now gained prominence as an actor in mainstream cinema. Breaking past stereotypes, Sagat represents a new type of leading man that, up until recent times, would have been incomprehensible.

Throughout Hollywood history, many film stars were closeted homosexuals, from Rock Hudson to Tab Hunter. What would have been once considered unacceptable, the openly gay Sagat has stepped out from what was up until recently taboo. In doing so, Sagat personifies the post-sexual liberation attitudes, along with Latino-American, Arab, and European male characterizations, and the tension between masculine and feminine. Sagat’s foray as a male actor in French cinema directly challenges the traditional role of the male–a new model for a leading man.

Mad Museum

François Sagat YouTube

2.03K subscribers on his YouTube

it’s just a Sunday afternoon, I could have done something else…


Selected Scenes Below:

Francois & Ryan Beefcake

Here Francois stars in a Roman era production.

Sean & Francois Mexico Retreat

On vacation along with Sean in Mexico from last year.

Francois & Gabriel

Finally, a complicated story line with Gabriel who in search of a youth serum.

Beefcake Model DJ Jean Franko

Jean Franko Beefcake Biography

Here is a recent biography that he submitted on another site.

Hair Color: Black | Eye Color: Brown | Sign: Sagittarius | Favorite Foods: Pasta | Favorite Movie: Finding Nemo | Favorite City: Paris | Hobbies: Gym | Likes The Most: Beach, travel | Doesn’t Like: Angry people | Best Thing About Me: Honesty | Worst Thing About Me: My character | How To Make Me Happy: Work everyday to be better | Favorite Quote: “Vive La Vida Y deta vivir.”

Jean Franko

Jean Franko Wiki

His Wiki page is written in French even though his first language is Spanish.

Jean Franko leaves Venezuela to settle in Europe in 1999.

He then began a modeling career for the famous Spanish fashion designer Francis Montesinos (es) and thus parade in 2002 and 2003 for the “Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week”. He poses in Milan for the photographer Gian Paolo Barbieri, works as a model showroom at Tommy Hilfiger and participates in the dance scenes of a video of the group known worldwide Gipsy Kings. In 2010, he participated in a series of photos for the Parisian designer Hindi Mahdi1, photos by Christian Peter, Stephen Zezza, Stéphane De Bourgies and Céline Juste.


Jean Franko Google

gay beefcake models
Jean Franko Google

Jean Franko Twitter

He currently has almost 82K followers on his Twitter account.

Jean Franko’s OFFICIAL.Available internationally. DJ -MODEL & Super Star : (

Jean Franko Instagram

Over on Instagram Jean Franko has 61K followers and seems to promoting his DJ career.

Jean Franko IMHD

He has an IMDB entry as well.

Selected scenes featuring Jean Franko

Early Jean Franko

I found these early Jean Franko pictures from 2007.

Here is the brief description that went with these pictures:

Jean Franko just exudes sex. His rough, masculine good looks, his furry chest and hairy, strong legs are a welcome addition to the family of exclusive models (no, he doesn’t ordinarily shave, doesn’t wax, doesn’t tan and isn’t afraid of being himself amidst hundreds of clones).


Jean Franko & Alessio

Another set of images from that same studio in Italy. Here he stars with another model although they spoke different languages they were able to communicate.

Jean Franko with Justin & Lucas

After a brief retirement Jean came back better than ever. Here he is with co-stars Justin and Lucas as they play guests who again don’t all speak the same language.

Jean Franko with Dominic

Another recent production starring Jean and Dominic. This was filmed in Montreal.

Jean Franko Telenova

In a very exciting scene Jean Franko demonstrates his acting abilities.

Beefcake Model DJ Pierre Fitch

Beefcake Model Pierre Fitch

Montreal based model is currently promoting himself as a fitness model. However he has done many things including being DJ who has played clubs all over the world.

He did a Q&A with a gay magazine where he answers some questions about his life

PF: If you’re looking to DJ, make sure you go to a school or find someone who can teach you. Before going into clubs, send them your demo CDs and promote yourself!


Pierre Fitch Soundcloud

On his Soundcloud his last post is a Celine Dion share.

Pierre Fitch IMDB

Over on IMDB Pierre’s biography is as follows:

November 1, 1981 in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

Height 5′ 6″ (1.68 m)

Pierre Fitch was born on November 1, 1981 in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada. He is an actor and director.


Pierre Fitch Instagram

On Instagram Pierre currently has 154K Followers

He has been working out so much that his jeans no longer fit.

Pierre Fitch Twitter

On Twitter Pierre can boast that he has 140K followers. On there he shares a lot of his more revealing images.

Pierre Fitch YouTube

I’m a Yoga / Calisthenics Fitness dude who aims to spread awareness about street workout and yoga and encourage more people to get in shape. It’s about extreme street workout and going beyond your boundaries. My goal is to simply do my best to inspire others to workout and live a healthier lifestyle. I believe in working out without the use of weights or equipment, just your own body weight.


Coming Out

Davey Wavey interviews Pierre Fitch from his Toronto hotel room. They talk about coming out, advice for gay teens and what Pierre has been up to.


Selected scenes featuring Pierre Fitch

Pierre Fitch & Nikko

Here we see Pierre Fitch and Nikko are working out together. When Nikko comes over to spot Pierre on the weights they connect.

Pierre Fitch & Bo

Here Pierre stars with Bo who offers him some road side assistance.

Pierre Fitch Go-Go Boy

Here is a classic scene with Pierre starring as Go-Go Boy in the clubs of New York. One of his co-stars was drag queen Hedda Lettuce

JJ Knight Beefcake Model Superstar

JJ Knight Beefcake Model

Hair Color: Brown | Eye Color: Hazel | Sign: Leo | Favorite Foods: Steak | Favorite Movie: Marvel movies | Favorite City: Paris | Hobbies: Swimming, gym, hiking | Likes The Most: My dog | Doesn’t Like: Ignorant people | Best Thing About Me: Southern hospitality | Worst Thing About: Skin | How To Make Me Happy: Being a nice person | Favorite Quote: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”


JJ Knight Twitter

Not surprisingly JJ Knight has 150K followers on his Twitter where he is very active. He links to his Amazon wish list which has everything from sunglasses to a scooter. I’d be curious how many men have sent him gifts from his list.

JJ Knight Instagram

He has almost 24K on Instagram and describes himself as “Good ole southern boy moved to LA!’

View this post on Instagram

I love you 💕

A post shared by JJ Knight (@therealjjknight) on

He doesn’t say this for Brent Corrigan.. but seeing as they recently broke up.. it’s a good guess.

My heart is heavy as I share the news that @JJKnightXXX & I are no longer taking on the world together. All the good in JJ will shine bright now that he has chosen make a new life for himself. Please be considerate of our privacy in the meantime. Thank you.

JJ Knight Youtube

He has YouTube .. but he hasn’t posted anything on his account.

I found this from when JJ and Brent walked the red carpet together.

Guest Appearances

JJ has been very active in the media and appeared on the Howard Stern show !

JJ Knight in “Don’t Overthink It”

Here he is with Jake Porter. The pair play lovers.

JJ Knight with Braxton

Here JJ stars as boyfriend to Braxton who he treats like a prince.

JJ Knight In “Prime Time”

A scene with Shane where JJ plays the host of a Tv show called Primetime. The shows ratings have dropped and they even moved his show to a different time slot. He decides to spice up his show by bringing on Shane as a guest of the show.

Brent Corrigan Beefcake Model Legend

Brent Corrigan Beefcake

Not many beefcake models have Wikipedia entries. Brent Corrigan is one of the few and he has one of the lengthiest entries.

From Wiki:

Sean Paul Lockhart was born October 31, 1986 in Lewiston, Idaho.[3] In an interview broadcast via YouTube titled “Sean Paul Lockhart In-Depth Interview By Jeff 4 Justice”, uploaded in 2012, Lockhart described his early life. He is one of four siblings; he has an older brother and a younger brother and sister. Brent and his siblings were raised in the suburb of Mill Creek, near Seattle, Washington, with their stepfather. His mother and stepfather divorced when he was aged 8 to 9 years, after which the household broke down.


Brent Corrigan IMDB

Brent also has a long IMDB page with all of his features.

King Cobra Wiki

Hollywood director and actor James Franco produced a movie about about Brent’s life.

King Cobra is a 2016 American biographical film about the life and early career of Brent Corrigan/Sean Paul Lockhart.[2] It was directed by Justin Kelly and was based on the book Cobra Killer: Gay Porn, Murder, and the Manhunt to Bring the Killers to Justice by Andrew E. Stoner and Peter A. Conway.[3] The film was released on October 21, 2016, by IFC Midnight.


True Crime Watch

It’s the kind of story that movies are made of. “King Cobra,” starring James Franco and Christian Slater, is the true story of a video tycoon who fell afoul of a pair of ruthless and greedy business rivals.


King Cobra Trailer

Christian Slater starred in the James Franco movie.

Brent Corrigan Reaction

Brent wasn’t pleased with his life story being turned into a feature film. Here are some articles in the Queer press about the movie.

Brent Corrigan Twitter

He has 375K followers on his verified Twitter account. He hasn’t been active on the account since July.

Happy Birthday to the INCOMPARABLE @WadeWolfgar. Seen you soon #stud!— Brent Corrigan (@BrentCorrigan) July 2, 2019

Brent Corrigan Instagram

Brent has been active recently on Instagram where he boasts 102K followers.

Brent Corrigan Facebook

194,356 people like this
193,661 people follow this


It should be noted that even though Brent has almost 194K followers on Facebook.. he hasn’t been active there since 2014.

Here are some selected scenes from Brent’s portfolio:

Brent in ‘Shower’

An early scene of Brent Corrigan having a shower.

Brent Corrigan in ‘Summit’

Here Brent appears posing for his glamour photos for one of his productions.

Brent Corrigan ‘Motorcross’

A more recent scene by Brent features him with his ex-boyfriend starring as motorcross racers.