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Single Amateur Photos featuring gay amateur men usually shirtless or having fun together. LGBT guys from various backgrounds in galleries & gifs.

Celebrities saying things about gay culture to various media

Celebrities saying things about gay culture

Who said what “I’ve had gay friends throughout my life and have enjoyed their friendship very much. And I came to realize that everyone is human and that sexual orientation really has nothing to do with anything. Knowing gay people definitely prevents homophobia. Friends are friends. I had two gay …

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Circumcision a unkindest cut

Circumcision a unkindest cut

Group hopes to cut short infant circumcision “We live in a country where mutilated genitals are considered to be normal,” says Lawrence Barichello. “What’s bizarre about it is if you travel a lot and hang out with a whole bunch of Swedes or Italians or what ever, they’ll look at …

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History of Gay Pride Event through Decades in North America Culture

History of Gay Pride Event

A history of Gay Pride Aug. 1, 1971 The first “Gay Day Picnic” is
held at Hanlan’s Point on
global Island. A fund-raiser to
send activists to Ottawa for a
march marking the second
anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexual acts, the picnic is organized by the
University of global Homophile Association (UHTA), global Gay Action …

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Celebrated gay author Armistead Maupin gets interviewed

Celebrated gay author Armistead Maupin

Celebrated author Armistead Maupin   It was real cool walking up to 28 Barbary Lane, the apartment house made famous in Armistead Maupin’s novel Tales of the City. Except I wasn’t in San Francisco but on a Cine Cite film set at the old St-Hubert military base. Those army barracks …

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Gay asian connections online globe

Making Asian connections Surfing & Cruising by Not Victor As a white male born in a predominately white society, I have only a tiny grasp of what being different must be like. Gay is difficult enough but I have the advantage of my skin colour and I can always deepen …

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Avoid being cyber stalked on internet for gay men

cyber stalking guy passed out

Surfing without Cruising   Avoid being cyber stalked When I visit the Sun’s Canoe Web site I check the weather and the daily Sunshine Boy. I rarely read the articles that accompany the scandalous headlines, up until recently. Within a day of each other two items caught my eye. The …

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It’s the end of the year as we know it

end of the world y2k

This is the last issue of the millennium   It marks my anniver­sary; for a year and a bit I’ve been writing Surfing and Cruising, the world’s longest running gay internet column. When I first took over the column I wasn’t sure where it would lead, but it’s proven to …

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One big happy group

one big happy news group

News Groups from the 90’s ! Have you noticed the explosion of “e-mail groups” on the Web lately? In the old days (pre-Web), they would have been considered a listserv, but I can’t remember the last time that I subscribed to a listserv, it seemed so clumsy. In case you …

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Black stud white boy

  Interracial Funk “Noah runnin across Blain somewhere in Miami and Noah invites him over to his hotel room. In no time Noah’s dick is out and Blain gets all over that with his juicy lips. He is going down on it hard, swallowing every lil inch of it until …

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