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Cute Traveler Meets Sexy Bartender

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Orlando Beefcake Amateur Man

He just like the rest of us knows that because there is nothing better than kicking back on your couch. That is just what he is doing. Orlando is one sexy beast of a man with beautiful ink all over his chest and a perfect size chest that they hope to see more often.

Yai & Baht Beefcake Amateur Men

Yai meets a cute Asian twink walking through the woods and decides to see if the guy is up for some fun. Baht agrees that he and Yai can go to his house for some recreation. Two men and a place for fun, means that someone is going to get to have some fun.

Enjoying the journey home, the two seem to have at least one thing in common, neither can wait to get back to Baht’s house. The two have a beer and relax. Yai wants to do more than chill and takes the first step by kissing Baht, softly. Unbuttoning Baht’s shirt, Yai licks Baht’s nipples. They both soon discard their shirts, planning on taking things further, much further; they kiss, caress and undress.

Richard & Paddy Beefcake Amateur Men

In this competition a group of mischievous girls pit seven men against each other on their hunt to crown a warrior champion. The male contestants are promptly stripped and intimately examined and then challenged to a series tough physical and challenges. With their male pride on the line these guys have to fight past their nerves and do their best to impress.

The first challenge sees Richard pitted against Paddy in a pony race. This is a tough physical test where the lads crawl on their hands and knees while the women ride atop their muscular stallions. The girls watch from the sides cheering.

Edwin Beefcake Amateur Man

Edwin is a stunning example of a hot young Latino male at his prime! He’s the sort of guy that makes heads turn when he walks down the street. He’s got everything that one could ask for. Those sexy dark eyes the pierce into your soul. The flawless body with those broad shoulders and massive smooth chest (great pecs and abs). Amazing rock hard body, just enough of that “bad boy” attitude without being unapproachable and of course that amazing piece smile.

AJ & James Beefcake Amateur Men

He’s a traveler, hardened by too many hours waiting in terminals. AJ Monroe’s seen more faces than most do in a lifetime. Some he remembers, most he doesn’t. But as he sits by himself at the airport bar, sipping a double vodka, clean, a certain face grabs his attention. It belongs to part-time bartender, James. The two notice each other’s glances and stumble into a conversation that begins with pleasantries. As they become more friendly, James pours a round of shots for them to share. They clink glasses and drink. As the mood grows intimate, they find themselves discussing the inconvenience of finding outlet while traveling for long periods. They both know toward what this exchanging is leading. Soon there isn’t another soul in sight and James is cleaning up from the day, bare chested.

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