Darkroom Desires Run Deep

Darkroom Desires Run Deep
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Jason Adonis Gay Beefcake Classic

Spend a few quiet and relaxing encounters with a muscle bound star; the appropriately named, Jason Adonis. He would later on become a famous bodybuilder. I found his Twitter but he hasn’t tweeted. Some how he still has 752 followers.

He claimed that he was going to make a few comebacks but as of now nothing. His IMDB bio says that he was born in Franklin, Kentucky. He is 6 foot 2.

Park Wiley Gay Beefcake Model

A couple of older model Park Wiley who did a few scenes. At the time he was in the older male category. Kinda a bear looking guy without being a bear. He a tiny bit of chest hair but he’s definitely in the hairy category. These were taken in Florida.

Tony & Matt Gay Beefcake Models

A couple are looking at slides in the darkroom. Tony and Matt flirt with each other while looking over the pictures. So retro to be looking at 35 MM slides in a darkroom. Do they still have darkrooms these days ?

Derrek & Mitch Gay Beefcake Model

Another couple scene this time around with Derrek & Mitch who are well matched. They don’t waste much time and before you know that shirts come off. I think Derreck is the one in the burgundy shirt. Mitch has the tattoo of a fish on his right shoulder.

Marcus Mojo Gay Beefcake Model

Another set of pictures featuring Marcus Mojo. He never seemed to get bored of being in front of the camera. His many fans didn’t seem to tire of seeing him either.

His self titled website is still active but it hasn’t been updated in many years. There are a couple of Twitter accounts running with his name. One appears to be mostly a fan account but it has almost 40K followers.

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