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Young Athletes Making Romance

Gay Amateur Male Model Randon

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The interview this time around is a little different and they have Dirk giving the interview so you might hear him throughout the scene coaching Randon. Dirk wants to see just how much Randon likes to show off and once he was told to take his shirt off he went all out and got funky for them.

Kai Gay Amateur Beefcake Model

Cute athlete invading his team’s locker room to see his buddies in the shower and getting dressed. There are small cubicles which only fit a few beefcake models. These cute guys aren’t shy washing off right next to each other. They love playing it up for the camera.

Doug Gay Amateur Beefcake Model

Hunky Straight Favourite Doug gets his 1st scene Ever! Quickly becoming one of their favourite models. Young, muscular hunk Doug lets Dan push his boundaries. Dan can’t believe his luck as you don’t often get to play on camera with hairy young men.

Trey Gay Amateur Beefcake Model

If you’re going to model with a studio, it’s smart to come up with explanations for friends and family. You need to account for the absences. Of course you could just say, “Hey. I’m going to the studio to show off for money,” but that isn’t the best idea when asking family to pass the mashed potatoes.

Newbie beefcake model Evans has weaved two stories, one for his girlfriend and the other for his parents. His lady friend has the “I’m traveling” tale.

“She thinks I’m here with a friend. A vacation,” he says.

As for his folks, they are certain he’s with another friend in his home state. You gotta love a beefcake model who can juggle the stories.

Kodi and Spencer Gay Amateur Beefcake Models

Slightly experimental. Keep calm. this isn’t going to mimic a directors technique (go rent the “Three Colors” trilogy). Kodi and Spencer have been ruminating how aggressive they are with girls. Today they offer a peek of how a lucky lady is treated if fortunate enough to be a bedroom companion.

The red rocket takes his shirt off and pulls Kodi to his feet. Spencer removes Kodi’s shirt also, and the two share a kiss. When did our muscular ginger snap get a tongue piercing?

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