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Lunch Dates Serves Beefcake Menu


Male Model Jason

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Model Jason’s pictures were submitted but no information about him. He was one of the few white guys that were posted on a site that featured a lot of latino models. Judging by the pictures it looks like he trims his chest hair. He has a nicely trimmed bit of facial hair as well.

Tom & Shay Beefcake Amateur Gay Models

Tom decides to lunch in an today’s menu features beefcake model Shay. He has only done one photo scene before. It wasn’t with someone as good looking as Shay. Not sure where to start with this handsome young model. Those piercing blue/green eyes? His beautiful face and killer smile? Or his beautiful size 11 feet? He’ll take it all! He peels off his white sock and takes a good loook before propping his beautiful bare feet up on the table. What a charmer!

Tyson Beefcake Amateur Gay Model

Tyson is a hot find of beefcake for the studio. This 24 year old dark and sexy ebony model is a country boy with a love for the city. With that kind of sense of adventure they know he’s going to be eager! They found out a lot about him in this interview, including how interesting he is. But then it’s time for the real good stuff and Tyson shows how he likes to show off his body.

Jason & Kodi Beefcake Amateur Gay Models

It’s hard to believe today is the first time beefcake models Jason and Kodi have done a scene together. Both models have become stalwarts because when the camera light goes red both know how to entertain. This perfect paring is also novel because they are filming in a pool. Who hasn’t dreamt of pool loving, especially if the cabana staff looks like these two studs? Jason has more swimming experience than his scene partner. All that goes out the window when things get busy. There’s lots of romantic lip locking in the beginning. This continues after the two get in the pool. Soon both are kissing, the sound of sloshing water echoing in the room.

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