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European Models Share Sexy Anecdotes

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Jarrod & Kieran Gay Amateur Male Models

They wish they could regal you with a humorous anecdote regarding the introduction. The truth is they were just as confused as everyone. All they can say is, weirder stuff then this happens on film sets all the time. The models quickly decide they need a more romantic locale to continue their encounter..
While they cannot explain the introduction, they can say two things about what follows: One, Kieran, the model for this encounter, demonstrates his ability to give his partner pleasure.

Afterwards the guys attempt to clean up with a shower. Then they get dirty again, rounding off the scene with an after-shower session. Aficionados know, often dirty is better.

Nils Tatum and Christian Lundgren Gay Amateur Male Models

When you look like our two spectacular blonds, Nils Tatum and Christian Lundgren, there is not much to pout about.
So, you may have to simultaneously suspend disbelief looking at this very sensual, slightly brooding set of images featuring an abundance of pouts.
Why so glum? Because their pouts are sexy as hell. If you are not a fan of the sexy pout, there is still a lot to enjoy as these two are hot as hell in every pose.

Raoul & Antony Gay Amateur Male Models


Raoul Vargas is with us today being trained by Antony Lorca. It is a bit of a different style of video than normal as it was shot for them by guest director Vlado Iresch.
The romance itself is not quite what they expected from this session. At times it verges on a little adventurous, even primitive where the only objective is pleasure for both guys.

Raf & Rick Gay Amateur Male Models

Let’s hope that Rick from a couple weeks ago, as he is back this week taking on one of the best models that they have with Raf Koons. Raf invites Rick over on the pretense of needing help moving a sofa. It is evidently clear that it was not really what he had on his mind.

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