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Featuring young college guys

Featuring young college guys

Featuring young college guys shirtless as they show their bodies on camera. Once the shirts come off these guys are unabashedly confidant about themselves


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He made California his home


These two relatively fresh and definitely hot models go to pound town in this sexy scene! They are undeniably prepared to take another kiss. He was particularly keen to have some fun with the hot newbie and I really think they look great together. Two guys in their mid twenties getting it on together is just fantastic to watch, especially as the moans and panting escapes their lips! He is a nervous Puerto Rican stud who grew up here in the states.

He made California his home since he arrived 5 years ago. We did a shoot together a while ago and now he’s back.

Everyone has seen each of these hot studs perform separately, so when they found themselves with the chance to get them together in front of our cameras they knew we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. The fact that these studs are two of the nicest guys we’ve met only makes their awesome kissing even hotter. Sure you’ll agree!


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You think they are quite innocent. But just below the surface, He is a right nasty! He brought one of his friends along to the shoot. He flew right past his chiseled abs, past his nicely defined pecs and hit the sofa above his head and he’s very cute


An inked up rocker dude that digs chicks but doesn’t mind showing off for a bunch of gay guys. I say, fight the power, rocker dude!


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You think they are quite innocen

He introduces us to his best friend they have never seen each other shirtless, but that don’t seem to bother them! They strip down and its not long before they are both kissing

He’s an amateur gymnast of sorts from Florida. 18, 6’0″ tall and the owner of the most piercing eyes I’ve seen in a long time.  He spent most of the time at the shoot doing back flips in the back yard.

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