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Friends Sharing Relationships Beginning

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Guy Cruising

Guy cruising in busy city park hooking up can be a bit of a challenge. They spot each other in a hilly area, exchange glances and a few pleasantries. Carried away Allen takes Andy home to pick up almost exactly where they left off. Antics are anything to go by we can see why that’s the case. Staying late at the office doesn’t mean you’re hard at work and certainly doesn’t mean you can’t have fun once the staff has done their rounds.

Allen King & Andy Star

Allen King kisses sexy Andy Star balances on the arm of the sofa and quickly lets him know what he wants. Pushing Andy back with his legs in the air. There are few guys who make everyone gasp. This one made everyone gasp several times. The first was on meeting this beautifully handsome young man. Second was for his smile which could light up a room. They thought it couldn’t get any better. Then he had then gasping again when he released his inner self was more beautiful.

Latino Studs

Latino studs kissing on couch, his mouth was an open invitation to heaven, he laid back and let his younger, eager friend kiss him firmly.

Good Looking Hunks

Good looking hunks from Europe show off on the set. For a couple of days by this time somehow managed to miss out on the action, as they make out together. They decide to take things into their own hands. Everywhere they look there are already couples and groups kissing. They end up settling for the first private spot they can find, an empty bed in the barn.

Compact Body

Stud shows off toned & compact body with cute smile are just the beginning. He’s the owner of an body so perfectly pert it’s almost wasted on a straight man


Steven included a funny note with his scene letting everyone know that he had to do this video to pay off a bet he made with his buddies.

Sexy Dates

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