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Funny Games Everyone Likes Playing

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Linus Gray

In the dressing room Linus is completely undressed.

Lukas Daniels

This sports lad Lukas shares his thoughts.

Mac Savage & Giovanni Rosa

Almost made for each other Mac and Giovanni look bashful.

Marc Angelo & Canadad

Open season for bears Marc and Canadad.

Uniform Hunks

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Handsome soldier assigned to his new post with fellow stud grunt Brandon. After spending so much intimate time together, their attraction and feelings are undeniable. Unable to resist any longer, they secretly kiss in the barracks. Sergeant passes by nearly catching them in the act. Meanwhile, out in the hot desert sun, other men are on a military patrol. There’s no one around for as far as the eye can see so the Marines take off their protective gear to get more comfortable.

Women Wrestling

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Women dressed for mud wrestling with Christina and Lucy in a crazy competition. So fierce, yet so amazing you will be making your own fun in no time.

Young thugs chilling Wiley and Cain

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Young thugs chilling Wiley and Cain as they take to the open highway. This super-fun-charged road movie filled with adventure and more hot men shirtless

Twister celebration

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Twister celebration with the best veterans to date. They bring the sexy, sweaty, fun and good looks galore with a great 3 way photo session.

They have fun laughing and enjoying each other to the fullest. Everyone wanted to spice things up so they decided to have them play a quick game of twister to find out who will win. They’ve got their hats ready and they drop their attitude and the game begins. They get all twisted up and just can’t stop laughing and before you know it Ryan falls on his butt and loses the game.

Zander Loves Fun

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Hotter than ever Zander loves fun and fresh outta Pittsburgh, he finds himself in the hungry clutches of the cameraman. 2 of them are getting acquainted

Hot Daddy Type

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Hot daddy type takes off shirt, he works in fitness industry. Stable guy. 33 he has had only two long term relationships, does not like to be single. He vows to not jump into another relationship right away. It is ‘me’ time for him. In such great shape, he thought maybe he could pick up some extra time doing a solo photoshoot.

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