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Gay Amateur Male Model Luke

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Josh & Antonio Beefcake Amateur Hunks Shirtless

You might do a double take when you see our straight guy, Josh. No, it’s not Gomer Pyle, but you can see where you might think so for just a moment. He tells that he loves to fish…and you can imagine him walking, fishing pole over his shoulder. Josh has that southern country hunk look and the matching accent you’d expect from a guy born and raised in rural Georgia. You’ll have listen closely as he’s pretty quiet and reserved. Until it gets down to the romance. And that’s where super hot stud, Antonio comes in. He’s so fucking cute and on top of that has one of those smooth beefy, muscular bodies. A bubble butt and thick thighs to die for.

Josh, thinks he’s in their studio to do his first flick. The director has him imagining that he’s getting just what he wants – a hot blond babe. They all know that in just minutes he’ll be having his very first gay experience and that lucky model will get to have it with hunky Latino Antonio.

Michael Beefcake Amateur Hunk Shirtless

Meet Michael! He is a 40 something, furry, muscle guy! After having spent 10 years in the Air Force, he is back home. He is an Irish/ Italian native New Yorker. Michael has piercing blue eyes and a killer smile and oozes a natural masculinity that is irresistible. This divorced stud is very popular lady’s man. That said he has let guys kiss him every now and again as he says is his thick Brooklyn accent ”

Bravo & Arnaud Beefcake Amateur Hunks Shirtless

Not too long ago, muscle hunk Bravo spent his time uploading solo videos when his view counts suddenly skyrocketed! He became an overnight sensation with tons of fans anxiously waiting for his next upload. They just had to meet this natural-born star in person to see if he was interested in becoming a model. Just a few short weeks later, they present to you his very first scene!

They paired Bravo with the muscular, baby faced Arnaud to see what his he could do outside of his own hands. Bravo is a superstar. They are very excited to escalate his career to the next level.

Gay Amateur Male Model Luke

gay amateur male photo
Gay Amateur Male Model Luke

He talks with Luke making him comfortable before his shirt come off. When the time is right he tells him to get half baked and tosses the fun at him.

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