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Josh Ryan

British gym rat.


Bearded hunk shows his tatts.

Marco Bianchi & Cory Kane

Marco meets Canadian Cory.

Mike & Oliver

This couple gets to know each other quickly.

Bastian & Tommy

Bastian is a showman, Tommy is mostly reserved and quiet. Yet together they make a cute couple as we observe them spending a day together at the beach- sunbathing, flying the drone and taking in the sights. It’s obvious from Bastian’s greedy glances at Tommy’s delicious derriere what’s going to happen. What’s not predictable is the success Bastian would have in taking Tommy our of his shell, as well as his clothing. Their love is animalistic and intense with Tommy matching Bastian in energy and fervor.

Jerome & Jerry

From South Africa, and first scene features Jerome together with Jerry. Jerome’s seduction technique in this scene is to offer Jerry ‘The best massage’ of his life. They are not exactly sure that it really qualified as a massage, but nonetheless, Jerry certainly seems to enjoy it, from the rubbing.

Bobby & Jordan

Art collection set featuring Bobby Noiret and Jordan Faris. They are made by regular guest photographer Benno Thoma in a house that they return to each time we are in Cape Town.

Jack & Tom

They recently showed an example explaining how Jack got his black eye, and today have the scene that was filmed just afterward. Luckily for Jack the damage was only to his eye.

Paul & Jim

Paul is in a spot of trouble. He needs to stay overnight in Prague, but everywhere he asks there is no room for him. Luckily Jim doesn’t mind helping out and offers him somewhere to stay. Of course, everything comes at a price. It’s been about 10 month’s since Paul’s debut, enjoy his 2nd scene.

Ronny & Alan

Luke is trying to explain to the guys what it takes to make a great scene. Looks and body are only part of the story, but the main thing is the attraction and energy that the 2 guy have with each other. Roald and Ronny’s scene together is the one Luke is using as an example, but soon enough the action is happening between Ronny and Alan Mosca.

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