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Gaydar 20 Years ! 🎉

Gay Curious Amateur Male Model Pavel

gay amateur male photo

Happy 20th Anniversary 🎉 to Gaydar.com ! Today is the day that started it all. It was way back on May3rd 1998 believe it or not !! A lot has changed since then. Back then —- no one would have even thought that gay marriage was possible.. now, it’s legal in most Westernized countries.


Gaydar Logo 1998
Gaydar Logo 1998
Gaydar Futurama Gif
Gaydar Futurama 1999

Back then in the late 90’s the term Gaydar was used if you suspected that someone was gay. When someone passed you by and were with a friend.. you might say to your friend.. “My Gaydar Just Went Off”. Some might say now that the term “Gaydar” is stereotyping… I don’t believe that.. It’s really just intended to be fun… Much like the scene from Futurama.

This is the model that I used to feature on the site way back then as well.. you might remember him as being the semi-mascot for Gaydar.com. I called him Pavel but that wasn’t really his name.. He answered an advertisement that I had in an Alt-Weekly back in late 1997. I did a few model sessions with him. I became friends with him later but I have lost touch with him since. Last I heard he was married to a woman. I think I saw them on Facebook.

Gaydar Logo 2004
Gaydar Logo 2004

A lot of the guys featured on this site were very similar to “Pavel”. Many guys answer advertisements like the one I had placed hoping to find themselves. I think posing for other men is their way of experimenting with their sexuality. Its very interesting.

Gaydar Logo 2010
Gaydar Logo 2010

Thanks to everyone that keeps coming back to the site. I know its been a little confusing lately.. I’m figuring out what direction to take, as everything has changed so much. I’m going to be posting mostly the non-explicit pictures from here on.. Some nudes for sure.. but as you get a little older.. you realize that everything isn’t about how big a guys dick is.

I’m hoping to get some more features going soon.. if you are interested in helping me take Gaydar to another level.. I opened up a Patreon Account... anything you can contribute and your input about where you see Gaydar going would be greatly appreciated.


Patron Logo
Happy Anniversary and Hopefully Many More To Come…!

Thanks for your continued support !

gay amateur male photo

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