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Beefcake Male Amateur Model Photographer Interviewed as we ask the creator Ken of a now defunct website 8 and half questions about his personal projects.
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Beefcake Male Amateur Model Photographer Interviewed as we ask the creator ‘Ken’ of a now defunct website 8 and half questions about his personal projects.


Do you consider yourself a beefcake model aficionado?

Yes I do. Most of my beefcake experiences did not occur at home alone watching movies.

Most of my experiences have been in my vehicles cruising for hunks down by the lake. For 12 years I went down there virtually every day and played with a different dude, or more…or still even more sometimes.

Sometimes I’d make an afternoon of it. This means that for 2-4 hours on a Saturday afternoon, you might find me in my vehicle watching other dudes doing the same. Between each session, in my vehicle until I hooked up again or until all the cute models disappeared.

I got pretty good if you can imagine.

Where did you meet the first beefcake model you shot ?

I advertised in the weekly Chicago Reader, in the Services section. My ad was “beefcake model for cash,” and I got over 100 responses. He was a tall one, my first was.

I noticed you got in on the photos in at least a couple videos. Do you like being on camera?

Sometimes my models “need help,” and if you watch those vids, you’ll see me do some of my best work.

I do like to show off. What I don’t want to do is saturate the site with vids of me. Occasionally, it is totally cool, though. (I have a subway photo shoot in the can that a bud and I did last summer. We did it in the middle of a Saturday afternoon. Color me brave and foolish at the same time).

My quest for the presidency of the US ended about 12 months ago. And for those guys too nervous to keep it up, I’m glad to be of assistance. See above as to how I learned. Then again I don’t want to saturate the site.

Of course a number of my beefcake models have asked to see, play and a part of being a good host is to oblige your guests.

Did you ever consider making the models in your Holiday Photo shoot wear Santa hats?

Yes! I did, but never got myself to the store. I actually have a Santa hat, but it was too grungy to wear on cam, unless I was Billy Bob Thorton, that is.

Your sites have both young and more mature beefcake models. Do you find that age plays a role in how comfortable someone is in front of the camera (are younger guys bigger show-offs)?

To me age is a minor factor, but mostly it’s how secure they are and whether or not they feel that modelling is for the shear enjoyment of the
experience, as most models do.

The guy that is shy at 35 may have also been shy at 20. But the big but is, by the time a man gets to 35, I expect him to be more comfortable with his body and sexuality, and as such, most of the guys that needed help were in fact the younger ones.

You have both gay and straight models. Was this a conscious choice or did it just happen that way?

It was a conscious choice. I want a site that represents a broader array of men, be it str8/gay/bi/hairy/twinky/muscled/daddy/18-40ish years of age.etc.

Don’t want to be the guy that professes his models are “straight” amateur men, because for one, I’d be out of integrity and two, have you SEEN some of my I mean I sure do have some masculine guys both str8, bi and gay, but then I do have the occasional flame lighting my way.

Considering how many beefcake models you have seen work themselves over, was there one whose technique stood out as the most unusual?

Thus far, no technique stands out as unusual. What stands out is the lack of technique. It’s lack of experience. Of course imagination has a lot to do with it too.

And speaking of imagination, check out Eric 2 on (at time of print) page 2.
This guy helped me appreciate a man’s body more than anyone before. Yeah, he’s not technically a beefcake model but it’s a part of a sensual session. He slides his body up and down the couch as he grinds his chest into the cushions with what must be the most beautiful physique I’ve ever seen.

Do your members ever end up in front of your camera?

No, but good idea to put it out there. I’m meeting with my webmaster tomorrow to transform the site into a more useful tool than just downloading vids. One idea is to have a “current” section in which I can post my thoughts and pix of upcoming models as well as good ideas like yours. I also want a more user friendly bulletin board to post messages.

8.5. If you could get paid to show off from 9-5 every day, would you take the job?! If I could have access to some hot looking guys then you could get me for a few hours, like with my lakefront adventures. But I couldn’t do it every day. Perhaps the occasional day I’d do say 3-5 hours but I’d want to share.

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