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Italian Muscle Studs Featured

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Italian Muscle Studs Featured special photo collage captured in Italian. Enjoy these guy in their prime as they smile & pose for professional photographers


Shirtless Amateur Gay Men Photo Collage

Shirtless Amateur Gay Men Photo Collage

Samuel reminisces about his Summer on the farm and the men he longed for. Lost in his daydreams, he fantasizes about muscular Mark and boyish Pietro stroking their bodies (flashback I).

“The Swimmer”.

From his bedroom window, Samuel catches Jean and Alexy cruise each other in and around the pool (flashback II)

“The Honeymooners”.

Ethan and Roberto Giorgio can’t get enough of each other, as they cavort in the fields, in bed, on the stairs

“The Waiter”.

Guest Lucas Andrades pays his hunky waiter (Glenn Santoro) and hands him a note. Glenn doesn’t flinch at the ‘indecent proposal’ (flashback IV)

“The Hitchhiker”.

Narrator Samuel Dolce gives Mark Federico a ride on his way back to the farm (flashback V)


The Men I Wanted was filmed in Tuscany


LGBT Men Video Montage


What a pair of posers that had fun doing this photo and video shoot at Dane’s place a few weeks ago. Make sure you check out the photos made as well. It’s some of the hottest action I’ve ever shot! Here is another treat for fans of this stuff. Last time they caught up with him he was a sweet 21 year old with all the right attributes for a cute lad. Now after of couple of years we have a new Anthony, a fully grow up young man.

Gay Amateur Men Photo gif

Gay Amateur Men Photo gif

PJ, with his cute looks and smooth young body is one horny lad. His trackies and cap suit him so well, bringing a touch of extra hotness to his already hot look. He has a specific taste in girls, those with toned bodies, sleek and most important of all is a belly piercing. We wish every year we could find something as great as PJK in our stockings! We are more than happy to introduce him, a 21 year old hottie from Maryland with a super tight bod, great smile, and rock hard body!


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