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Jeremy arrived fresh from gym

Jeremy arrived fresh from the gym and boy was he sore. Timmy started off this massage rubbing Jeremy’s sore muscles. Jeremy was in sheer bliss. Timmy’s hands all over his body, soothing his aching muscles. Then it got interesting, Timmy’s hands started to “wander” first near Jeremy’s perfect ass. Timmy rubbed his glutes then spread the cheeks, one thing lead to another, then Timmy’s tongue was licking Jeremy’s asshole. Timmy couldn’t get enough, he started Deep Rimming Jeremy. He was licking and kissing Jeremy’s hole and we got the pics to prove it!

Jeremy realized this was not to be your run-of-the-mill massage. Before we knew it Jeremy was sitting on Timmy’s face, then moved down a bit and started fucking it. Timmy’s deep throat opened up for Jeremy’s perfect cock. He fucked his throat like it was a “velvet pussy”! Jeremy fucks his mouth like there was no tomorrow. This Movie captures all the licking and sucking as well as Timmy’s loud slurping and Jeremy’s even louder groaning. There was a happy ending, for both. Jeremy got his “release” and Timmy got Jeremy’s release all over his face and shoulders.






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Hung Men looking to Hang Out
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