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Lost Encounter Found Forever

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Max & Gerasim Beefcake Gay Amateur Male Models

He is hanging out on the sofa when Gerasim gets home from work and Gerasim is all worked up.

Max Beefcake Gay Amateur Male Model

The photographer loved shooting Max these past few weeks – he’s always game, he’s up for anything, and he loves to show off and be watched. For this scene, they asked him if he had ever had anonymous encounters before. Meaning hooking up with a person he didn’t know. He said no, he had never, but he was really turned on by the idea. So they found a super hot guy that Max had never seen before, and scheduled their scene.

Max had no pictures or description beforehand, hadn’t flirted with the guy on Grindr or anything: he went into this absolutely blind. They wanted to capture that moment of excitement, anticipation and fear of not knowing what to expect, and what I got was a beautifully shot, sexy moment that they long for and wish each of you have had or will at one time be able to experience and explore for yourself.

Steve & Marc Beefcake Gay Amateur Male Models

Sometimes they wish everyone could come hang out during the shoots and meet some of their beefcake guys. They really have a great crew of people and Steve ranks up there as one of the nicest and most easy-going. Whenever he’s in a group of people, he keeps the conversation and the jokes going. They don’t think I’ve ever heard him say anything negative, unless he’s playfully cracking on one of the other guys.

Marc is a little more introspective. He usually has his headphones on and he studies a lot. They don’t think they could study that much with all these shirtless hot studs running around. Marc is pretty serious though. However, he often surprises them. The photographers tease him pretty mercilessly sometimes and he just waits for the right moment to fire back a great one-liner.

Outgoing or introspective, though – once they get together, they’re both intense.

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