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Love Maze Turns After Hours Flings

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Chris & Levi Gay Amateur Male Models

In the maze of the club Carter finds Sean’s party and discovers it has turned into full-on party in the pool, TWO connections are made. One is Paul who successfully flirts with Sean. The other is muscle stud Chris & Levi, who get separated along the way although. Levi looks and waits for him. Fortunately he gets a text message from Chris who is home…and waiting for him.

Markie, Zachary & Jaydon Gay Amateur Male Models

As they spy on their neighbor, Jaydon Jensen, Markie More and roomie Zachary Country launch a plan for little get together. Jaydon seems apprehensive at first, but Markie and Zachary quickly show him just how welcoming a neighborhood this can be, and Jaydon soon feels relaxed enough to take his hosts up on their hospitality.

Lance & Jason Gay Amateur Male Models

With competing schedules and their hectic lives. Jason and Lance barely see each other anymore, like two ships passing in the night. Lance tells Jason they need to spend more quality time together, and Jason smiles, kissing him passionately on the lips. They quickly strip out of their shirts as Lance kisses his way down Jason’s body. As they fall onto the bed, Lance smiles and tells Jason it’s a good start.

Tyler & Cameron Gay Amateur Male Models

Despite having played well with others in the past, Tyler Hill only has eyes for Cameron Parks. The coy cuties have shared glances, kisses, and a party, but now they are thinking about sharing something else entirely, something more permanent.

Ryan Gay Amateur Male Model

Hot young stud Ryan drove up from San Diego, ran into their producer and could not resist the urge to stop by Anthony’s place. He stands and pulls off his shirt, showing off the many tattoos etched onto his lean, muscular body.

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