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Straight Stunners Play Beer Pong

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Alam Wernik & Parker Payne Gay Beefcake Models

Interracial duo Alam and Parker share looks in New York City.

Brysen & Ernie Gay Beefcake Models

This couple looks like they are in love. Brysen and Ernie flirt in a park in California.

Cade Maddox & Kuper Gay Beefcake Models

Well matched Carter and Quin move from the kitchen to the bedroom.

Geo & Spark Gay Beefcake Amateur Hunks

There’s a definite Spark in the room when then director brings Geo to the studio on a fine summer day. Geo has filled out, gotten tan. He has dedicated his young years to the noble task of getting photographed numerous times.

Jay & Joey Gay Beefcake Amateur Hunks

Since its the middle of the baseball season and star pitcher Jay has injured his hamstrings. Now he must get some massage therapy. As it turns out, his friend Joey has just earned his license. He has been promoted from assistant to full-fledged therapist. Rubbing Jay down, Joey gets a little curious. Plus, he can tell from Jay that the feeling is reciprocal. Now Jay is a pitcher on the field. He’s fairly good at pitching the muscles around as well. Joey finds a way to convince Jay to play for a while. Before you know it, Joey is loosening up Jay’s muscles as planned.

Tony & Dan Gay Beefcake Amateur Hunks

Tony is a 22 year old Italian beefcake model from New Jersey. He is best friends with Dan. They’re from the same unit and have been for 3 years. He only started hanging out about 3 months ago. This was the first time Joe had met Tony: Dan asked if he could bring a buddy over to hang out and Joe said “Sure”. Looking for something to do on a lazy Saturday, Dan suggested they play beer pong. Informed that beer pong at Joe’s place is always fun, Tony had no problem and took his shirt right off. Naturally Joe started taping so that the guys could share in the fun!

Mason & AJ Gay Beefcake Amateur Hunks

It’s about time they unveiled the mysterious man. Because this one that was seen in AJ’s bonus film. It was, of course, his boyfriend Cole! This super fit beefcake model is the second half of a dazzlingly hot couple. Once he saw how well they film people he asked if he could take a turn. The director wasn’t going to say no! “Sure, because the more the merrier”. He insisted and so Cole and AJ returned. But things didn’t turn out exactly as planned but just goes with the flow. Cole set about his solo determined to prove that he can perform just as well as his gorgeous counterpart.

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