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Hairy Muscle Bears Flexes Biceps

Brad Beefcake Amateur Gay Model

He loves muscle bears, especially really sweet ones. And muscle bears don’t get sweeter, or sexier, than Brad. He had a blast playing with Brad on the bed. He’s a fantastic kisser. Sweet turned a little bit nasty. He couldn’t stop hugging his massive torso or running his fingers against his furry chest.

Rogan & Robin Beefcake Amateur Gay Models

There is nothing quite like an arrogant man in a suit especially when he’s your boss. Rogan takes power abuse to new heights. He humiliates his sexy Robin. Robin knows his job depends on following his every request. When he’s asked to stand in front of his boss he puts up little resistance.

Travis & Johnny Beefcake Amateur Gay Models

Travis, their beefcake guy, met Johnny at the gym. Travis has been at their studio before. When he called wanting to bring in Johnny to see if he could help him have a photo shoot. He did not hesitate. Travis is quite the dynamo and he just loves having fun with beefcake model guys. Johnny is a big guy at 6’2”, hairy.

Andrea Beefcake Amateur Gay Model

They have Andrea in the studio. He is a fresh faced hot and sexy beefcake model with a great body. He goes to the gym everyday and does it show. Andrea is 26 years old and he is about to give a show that will leave us all wanting more. He seemed a bit shy on camera, but that didn’t stop him from playing to the camera.

Colby & Chris & Tommy Beefcake Amateur Gay Models

Colby joins Chris and Tommy for a cowboy themed shoot in this scene. He wakes Chris from his nap. Tommy is watching from a distance, but fixing the truck can wait for now. He heads over and then these beefcake models really start.

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