Model Photographer Interviewed Q & A

Model Photographer Interviewed Q & A
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Beefcake Male Model Photographer Q & A

We’ve seen you with a lot of models, and it never seems to get old for you. Is it acting or are you that insatiable?

Honestly, I think to be great at anything, you have to have an insatiable love for what you do. I love what I do.

You have quite a reputation at this point. Do you think
posing for your website has become the latest thing at military campuses?

Well I don’t think Marines, Sailors or any military are running gangbusters to perform on my website, in fact, its quite the opposite. They are more prone to shy away from recognition. It’s extremely difficult to”sell” these straight military men on the idea so it takes a great deal of finesse.

Do you find that the guys, being in the military, take orders well?

I’ve noticed with my models that these guys are from all walks of life and most have been dealt a shitty hand at life so they turn to the military as an alternative to make something of themselves.. I have a great deal of respect for that. I really think that this humbleness makes these guys respect authority and they in turn respect others. These guys have always respected orders or otherwise.

I won’t ask you if you enjoy your job, since we can see that you do, but how much of the enjoyment comes from being the subject of the camera?

Very little as you can see by how little you see me. I really pride myself on making sure that the focus always stays on the model because I really think that’s what my viewers pay for, not some hot shot producer that wants to ham it up for the camera. My one goal when I shoot is to make sure that Marine or Sailor has the most pleasurable experience ever and capture it on tape.

Have you ever made these soldiers consider a new career?

Not directly, Some of the models that I have actually discovered from just plain old seducement (is that a word?) have taken it upon themselves to seek out other website producers and make mini-careers out of it. I think we need a union for these models!

How do gay guys measure up to all these straight army studs?

Wow.. that’s a tough one. They are really such different experiences that its hard to compare. I feel that being with a gay guy is more along the lines of an even playing field, while with straight guys it takes on more of a dominant/submissive role (straight/gay) and that’s where I derive the pleasure from. Frankly, I enjoy both but obviously prefer one to the other.

What was your most awkward photo shoot moment?

I recall a time that I shot this model back in my studios up in LA (Los Angeles), I think his name was “David”, a 21 year old Seabee. I was definitely more “ballsy” back then and took it upon myself to spring a surprise on him during a proposed solo shoot, I captured on tape his flat out, yet respectful, rejection and told me he was uncomfortable with it and asked me to stop. I, of course, retracted immediately very apologetically in embarrassment.

Do the guys ever surprise you and want to take things further than you had planned?

YES! on a few occasions that has happened, i.e. “Michael-USMC”, wow was that a fantasy come true. I’ve never had a married and straight Marine ask me to kiss him in the middle of a shoot that was suppose to be a solo. I complied of course but man was I every floored and taken by surprise… damn it was HOT and it was all captured on tape.

8.5. Would you ever join the army?

Well, If I could get away with lining up platoon after platoon of straight recruits in a single file line, in their underwear, awaiting my body and take on an entire military base… I think I’d join… unfortunately that will never happen.. so NO I suppose. I think I can forgo joining the military for now.

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