Motorcross Hunk Xavier & Max & Harry

Motorcross Hunk Xavier & Max & Harry
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Xavier Daniels Beefcake Model

The photographer says that he had been talking to Xavier Daniels for a long time. Turns out that they both have a passion for Motor-cycles ! What a coincidence that is along with their mutual fascination with boat and trucks. Anything that goes fast according to Xavier.

Xavier was invited over to their studio.. aka a ranch. On a sunny afternoon the photographer took these great photos of Xavier. He decided to put on a show right there in the field. Judging from these great shots it looks like everyone had a great time that day.

They don’t give any of this models stats.. Looks like he is in his mid-20’s. Gay straight or bisexual.. dunno.. and does it matter? He has bushy brown hair along with striking eyebrows. Looks like he was growing a bit a of a ‘tashe.

Max Ryder Beefcake Model

These shots are of Max Ryder at least that is what he was going by when these pictures were taken. The brief description by the photographer goes on to say that he really enjoyed working Max. This scene is to illustrate some of his fantasies. The fantasy being that Max is waiting for a date to show up and Max doesn’t even know what the guy looks like. The pensive shots are Max waiting for his suitor to show up.

“Max Ryder” goes by George Alvin now and describes himself as a ‘Social Media Influencer‘ on his blog. His Twitter account is mostly retweets.

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Iā€™m New York City, I still do it for you babe

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Over on his Instagram however he posts a lot of travel shots and of himself in NYC where he currently resides.

Harry Louis Beefcake

During the photographers trip to London the photographer made sure to schedule a shoot with Harry Louis. They first met in Germany a few years before this visit. Harry had been working out in the gym and his appearance was more muscular than before.

He still goes by Harry Louis and started up a bar named after himself in Madrid which has since closed.

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Merry Xmas šŸŽ…šŸ»šŸ˜˜

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On his verified Instagram account he has close to a million followers. He still lives in Spain and calls himself a “Model, Actor, DJ and businessman”. He has created a separate account for his dog.

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