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Muscle Hunk Bad Day

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Josh Moore & Dakota Payne

Cooking together with Josh and Dakota for the Gay Simple Life.

Küper & Ty Mitchell

Are a Cancer and an Aries compatible? Looks like they are !

Ty Mitchell & Pierce Paris

Late night encounter with Ty and Pierce.

Steven & Ian Beefcake Amateur Men

Muscular stud Steven is having a really bad day and wants just one thing to go right. Lucky for Steven, he has the slim, black-haired cutie Ian at home ready to help him forget everything else.

Brenden & Steven Beefcake Amateur Men

Rocker Brenden is a straight model who’s about to rock around in this very sexy photo shoot, and Steven our guy is looking forward to playing with the camera. Brenden answered an ad the photographer placed for models needed for videos. He emailed a photo and profile which Steven, who has been assisting the cameraman for a while, saw and immediately knew he wanted to have a shoot with this dude. They had both guys strip down and we see that Steven has put on some muscle and let his chest hair grow back which is pretty hot looking.

Henry Beefcake Amateur Man

They assure you now that this is one model they’re going to make damn sure we get back in the studio for a duo!

Henry is a twenty-two year old lad from the Midlands. He used to play rugby but now he’s maintaining his muscular physique at the gym. He’s not “straight guy” though, Henry’s gay and he loves men. As he undresses, he flexes and shows off for the camera before he settles down for a photo shoot.

Tyler & Tony Beefcake Amateur Men

Tyler is hooking up with Tony, and it is looking hot! Tony is more of the tall slim type, while Tyler is compact and defined. His plump little bubble butt was just waiting to get a look from Tony. The scene starts off with a heavy handed make-out. These two studs getting each other more than ready for some hot times.

Aaron Beefcake Amateur Man

Aaron has been away training for a year or so and during that time you can see many differences in his body! Just a subtle change, but he is slightly more muscular. A little more cocky from far too much success with the girls, but still the same adorable young man. He knows how to flirt with the camera and tease all to the edge of distraction! The cameraman for one enjoy being teased by Aaron, he is such a flirt with the camera, looks as good in his clothes as out of them, perhaps a slight preference for the latter.

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