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Off Camera Fun Chemistry Turns On

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Max & Ty Beefcake Gay Amateur Men

Sexy & joyfully uninhibited duo Max & Ty have had some off-camera fun before but now bring it full force. Even before they get started their existing chemistry heats up the screen! As they kiss, the versatile guys ease right into their roles.. for this scene.

Race Beefcake Gay Amateur Men

Its break time at the office for Race and what better thing to do than relax a little by twittering. He likes exchanging pictures with his friends before playing with his phone at his desk. They sexy suited Race loves to feel his muscular body under his suit, and his game playing is only getting him more and more turned on

Christian & Leo Beefcake Gay Amateur Men

Feeling like he’s being pushed to the edge of sanity by a continuous stream of disturbing phone calls and letters, Brady leaves his apartment to head out for a drink. As he heads into the Powerhouse bar, he’s stopped by sexy, shaved-head stud Leo, who informs him that the bar’s closed tonight for a video shoot. Leo heads back into the bar where he runs into his perspective scene partner for the evening — tattooed Christian. Like most sets, the crew is taking forever to set up, leaving tonight’s two stars — Leo and Christian — up to their own devices. They should be good little stars and wait for the director to yell, “Action!” but bored (and unable to control their attraction to each other), they decide to “practice” for their upcoming scene.

Tucker & Axl Beefcake Gay Amateur Men

Sexy new recruit Tucker crosses the line with gorgeous Axl in this scene. Tucker was starting to bond with Axl as they both hung out at the beach house. It seemed like a natural fit for these two toned hotties to do a shoot together, and the anticipation built up before the scene. The day of the shoot they guys were all smiles and Dink let the action progress naturally. They started out admiring each others bodies and then kissing.

Tyler & Zachary Beefcake Gay Amateur Men

Tyler and his boyfriend, Zachary, are dripping with sweat from a long run. Seeing Tyler’s hulking physique, Zachary lets Tyler know he wants to have some fun with him. Tyler is a bit taken back by the proposition, but decides to go along with it and see what his friends have been bragging about.

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