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Older Younger Couple Find Passion

Brock Banks & Avery Jones Beefcake

Vegas night date with Brock and Avery.

Jacob Hansen & Richie West Beefcake

Some pre-Valentine’s Day romance.

Shawn Beefcake

College student Shawn loves living in San Diego.

John & Alex Beefcake Gay Amateur Men

Big bad John is back with another cutie to play with. Alex has a daddy complex and they’re very ready to explore it with him. He luvs older guys, and luvs to worship them, John likes ’em cute and young so there’s gonna be fireworks and lots of sparks flying.

Caleb & Ross Beefcake Gay Amateur Men

There’s nothing like crawling into bed with a hot sexy hunk of beef like Caleb. Ross took a nice hot shower and then slid into an even hotter bed to wake the slumbering Caleb with a nice kiss. Even though Ross is new to beefcake models he brings a lot of incredible skills to the table.

Ethan Beefcake Gay Amateur Model

23 year old, straight stud, Ethan, is by far one of the hottest men they ever had the pleasure shooting. He has everything when it comes to performing; great face, good sense of humor and fantastic body.

This was a really fun shoot they did up in the mountains. It started off with him taking some photos of Ethan’s beautiful body.

Ethan being the big goof-ball that he is, cracks jokes and pretends to be shy during the photo shoot. They were interrupted a few times by ATVs and off-road motorcycles. This was actually quite the turn on for both of them.

Then they started hearing gun shots just over the hill. They were not sure if they were target practicing, hunting or what, but they sure weren’t going to stick around to find out.

Bobby & Clyde Beefcake Gay Amateur Men

Bobby and Clyde are college roommates who got in a bind and were willing to explore their limits. They admitted that they had occasionally joked around with each other about messing around together. But they had never actually acted on it… until now.

They were curious to see how far they’d go as they weren’t really sure up front. They started out kissing and “feeling out” the situation.

Francoise & Elias Beefcake Gay Amateur Men

They supplied the paint and sexy hottie Francoise supplied the when Elias was enlisted to give to a new look to the studio. Not too old for finger painting, they were both soon covered in hand prints high gloss, and uncovered by any clothing. Elias’ hands found Francoise’s lips as they kissed for the first time.

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