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Opposites Attract During New Connections

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Ryan Rose & Cade Maddox

Another Scruff hook up.

Very Sandy Christmas

This crew is still in the holiday spirit.

Zario Travezz & Brock Banks

Those Speedos don’t leave much to the imagination.

Cole & Alex

Cole is in awe of sexy Alex and his magnificent body. He finds much to appreciate in Cole in this muscle fantasy come true. With a mirror giving them simultaneous views of each other. They make out and Alex picks Cole up as a preview of what’s to come. Alex plays with his new friend and murmurs talk to get him going. Alex turns up the heat by sitting back and watching Cole in the mirror. And he lets Cole watch too.

Ben & Paul

Invite you on a trip to Paris where three models embark on adventures instigated by Sean, The Scandalous Boy. Seemingly aloof Sean is inspired by a famous gravestone visit to make the most of their Paris Fashion Week trip by issuing a challenge to his fellow models Cory & Ben. They’re all to make conquests “fairly & without restrictions, on the street & in the dark”.

Gay Amateur Male Models
Ben & Paul

Late one afternoon a fitting yields a first conquest…for Ben. His head is turned by the arrival of French Twinks star Paul whose provocative undergarments and a flirty look drive Ben to pursue him. He follows Paul to a bedroom where they make out

Carter & Sean

Meanwhile on his first night in Paris tourist Carter passes by a gay book store where inside he sees Sean & Cory browsing. Cautiously entering and eavesdropping on the couple, Carter speaks up to chat with Sean, the guy he recognizes. Sean pretends he needs his memory jogged, but soon recalls a “interesting” encounter he had with Carter at a destination wedding…

Gay Amateur Male Models Scott & Dacotah

Officer Dacotah Red works a pretty hot beat, but it’s about to get a lot hotter when he answers a home invasion call and finds squatter Scott inside. Dacotah gives Scott two options: he can either satisfy Dacotah’s fantasies or he can take it up with the judge.

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