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Paddy O’Brian with Colton Grey montage

Paddy O’Brian with Colton Grey montage in another pirate themed video with costumes. Also included are some clips of a pair of guys jogging without shirts

Wild pirate video clip

He mounts a search to retrieve his friend. He swims to the shore of the nearest island where he encounters a native and his tribe. After a pursuit on the beach, Colton gets Paddy exactly where he wants him

Collage men Chandler & Toby

Out for an afternoon run on a beautiful sunny day. They’ve been running together for weeks training for the upcoming marathon. They stop under a tree for some shade and to catch up on some breath. He realizes they’ve run about 2 miles and suggests that they should go back to Chandler’s and have some extra fun. Chandler agrees and they run back to his pad where they begin to undress.

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