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Gay Amateur Male Models Ty & Donte

gay amateur male photo

With his frat friend still passed on the couch from the night before, Donte decides a little fun is in order. Ty is cloudy from the night before, but when he finally comes to, he wonders what the hell Donte is doing. Donte tells Ty he’s been making bad decisions for a good 12 hour block, and shows Ty the pictures to prove it. Ty, immediately embarrassed, implores Donte to erase the embarrassing pictures, and Donte, like a good friend, is more than willing to protect his brother’s reputation… provided, of course, that Ty does something for him. Donte wonders why he even bothers trying to pretend he doesn’t love this lifestyle. They make love !

Woman Says Her Gaydar Is Broken
Gay Amateur Male Models Billy, Ford & Danny


Gay Amateur Male Model Cezar

gay amateur male photo

Cezar is a bad boy who can do anything (and anyone) he wants… he’s that kind of model. He’s got the tattoos, the piercings, the athletic history, and that michievous sideways smile that makes you think he knows something you don’t.

There’s nothing Cezar likes more than the tight body of a hungry man, and you can tell he loves to dominate. Who wouldn’t want to be corrupted by Cezar? He’s the tall, dark, and soft-spoken type so you know he’s going to be releasing all his pent-up aggression in the sheets.

Just watch and see for yourself. This guy has got a lot of experience and he knows how to use that body! Gonna love the way he smiles at the camera, fully aware of how envious you are of that lense!

Gay Amateur Male Model Raphael

Gay Amateur Male Model Aiden

gay amateur male photo

We didn’t actually find Aiden through the ads that we placed in the LA Weekly.. He used to be a bartender at the Abbey in West Hollywood. Somehow through word of mouth he found out the we were looking for some guys to pose for us and he was more than willing to show off.

You can see a bit of the outside of the studio at the beginning of this video clip. It wasn’t anything fancy.. but it had everything that we needed. The location was perfect and none of the models had any problem getting to the studio.

gay amateur male gif


Aiden was very easy to work with and seemed to enjoy posing for us. The photographer and I weren’t as professional as we would have liked. You can see one of the gels falling off of the lights during the shoot. No one was injured… it was more embarrassing than anything.

I had some t-shirts with the Gaydar logo printed on them. I remember driving all over Los Angeles trying to find the printing place.. It was very far away from the studio. Luckily the one size fits all t-shirts fit.

Aiden was 22 at the time of these photos. Very eager and he seemed to enjoy just hanging out. Most of the guys that I have photographed are like that. They just kinda wanna hang out and have no problem taking direction.

Everything (aside from the gel falling off) went very smoothly. I think about a year after these pictures were taken he did a model session for Lucas out in NYC. I hope he is doing well.. Sometimes you wonder what happened to the models that you worked with over the years. Anyway.. I think his pictures turned out well. Dontcha think ?!

These are just a sample of some of the pictures..

Gay Amateur Male Model Gael Stripping

gay amateur male photo

G is for Gael, and Gorgeous! Prepare to melt when he flashes you a that smile and spoils you with his sultry looks. Admire the ink up and down his long muscular legs before he reveals his sweet peach and perfect body. You’ll want to watch this dance to this forever

Gay Amateur Male Models Aston & Julian

gay amateur male photo

Julian and Aston are lovers and they are getting ready to take a shower at their gym. Aston wants to spice things up in their relationship and asks Julian to have fun with him right there. Julian is hesitant about getting caught, but soon gives in to Aston’s charm. They drop their towels and start kissing and loving each other. I’d say they have been in contact, a lot, long before this shoot.


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