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Hunky amateur men showing big love

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Men who are in their 30’s show off skinny bodies.Β The thinness of their bodies make their arms look very large.Β  Resident trouble-maker Max knows no limits. He saw Bravo’s solo scene where he kissed the hell out of a few flashjacks and he said: “I want this to be my mouth!” They sent Max to an unknown location and told him to wait there and they will send someone to pick him up. He had no idea what was going to happen, who was coming to pick him up, or where he was going. He just knew his mouth was going to be used and that’s all he needed to know. He didn’t ask many questions. He waited patiently outside until Bravo pulled up and gave Max a sign to get in the car. As always, Max didn’t wait for a second invite. He hopped right in and the look on his face said “I’m ready for an adventure!” It was about a 20 minute drive, then a gate opened up, and then they drove up to a big house with a white picket fence. Max didn’t make it inside. He got naked right there on the yard. It’s all he could think about on the way there. And now that he was about to finally get it – he didn’t want to waste anymore time.


Amateur Gay Male Model Kieran

gay amateur male photo

Start the week with a bang with their newest model, Kieran. This ginger hunk is a dominant person who gets turned on by guys with big muscles and even bigger butts. He is currently partnered, but the idea of having fun with other guys drives him crazy. Thick and adventurous? He’s definately a keeper !

California is just awesome. Full of young and good looking boys who are down to have fun. Or at least to chat for a bit and show how well equipped they are. Today was no different.

Amateur Gay Male Model Jerry


gay amateur male photo

They guess Jerry is not too much of a disappointment after they rescheduled a planned model of the week. Jerry is a hot, athletic kind of guy who they first met a while ago with his casting video. He is now working in the US as a personal trainer, but they hope that you enjoy him here today.

By his own admission, Jerry is no Einstein. He’s flitted from job to job while partying. If he wasn’t inducted into military service this guy would end up wandering the streets and getting up to no good. He may say he is in good nick but the sergeants need to ensure that his body is in fighting condition.


Amateur Gay Male Model Bentley

European hottie Amateur Gay Male Model Scott

gay amateur male photo

Fantastic Czech Scott he always says that he would like explore more. The issue is the choice of willing partners is greatly reduced by those who are afraid of the size of his good videos. He however is not afraid of much at all and is ready to take on the world.

They have a really hot athletic guy for you as the Pin-Up model of the week. This dark haired, handsome and sexy guy from the Czech Republic also, and as you will see also has a beautiful body. They trust that you will like this introduction to Scott Reeves. Get to know all of him and watch him shoot a big smile.


Good looking guys kissing on beach

gay amateur male photo

It’s a beautiful day for a sunset stroll on the beach, so Kaleb takes new guy Freddy out to show him the sights. Freddy’s only got eyes for Kaleb and his beautiful body! The hot models head home where Freddy gets a warm welcome in Kaleb’s desire !

2 of the hottest and most handsome men around – Kaleb & Freddy. Kaleb called for an important and very secret meeting, so secret in fact that he’s taken out to sea on a private boat to meet the elusive Fredddy. But as usual he insists on personally vetting all his recruits and proceeds to put him through the paces to see if he measures up to his very high demands.


Gay Amateur Male Model Mykhay & Martin


Bisexual Amateur Male Models Carl & Max

gay amateur male photo

Carl and Max are relaxing by the pool and massaging each other. When Max’s girlfriend leaves, they start to get a little more hands on then she would like.

They took the boys out the beach to hit the waves (or at least try) with our new body boards before heading back to the house so they could shower and kiss. They pretty much just devoured each other as soon as they turned on the cameras…

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