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Gay Amateur Male Model Fave Issac

gay amateur male photo

They have loved Issac for a long time, it could be his handsome good looks, his muscular toned body (or his very cute French accent). They love shooting him just as much as everyone loves to watch him perform and he keeps us all coming back for more.

There’s some dirty talk in this one – he just couldn’t resist teasing as he slowly built up the speed and depth of his penetration.

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Happy Hump Day Everyone

Gay Amateur Male Models Roman & Tobias

gay amateur male photo Roman &

Mix a hot summer day with rock solid bodies, lots of energy and man on man heat, then watch what happens.

gay amateur male photo

Sexy married man Roman tries to avoid his wife so he can spend some time with his new crush — straight college sports jock Tobias. Watch these two bros give in to their forbidden attraction and succumb to their burning desire to have fun while Roman’s wife is at work. Bros before indulgence!

Gay Amateur Male Models Johnny & Friends

Gay Amateur Male Model Justin

gay amateur male photo

Crank the Fetish dial wall the way up to 100% with ‘Patent Lust’ starring the deliciously handsome Justin. On the outside he looks like a young, preppy gentleman, with his slicked back hair, his handsome clean shaven face, and piercing eyes… but when he gets kinky Justin is a good looking guy through and through. And there’s nothing more that he enjoys doing than locking his office door, dressing up in his best tuxedo and getting off the smell and feel of his patent leather shoes and his black sheer socks. You can almost sense the intense pleasure Justin takes from rubbing the leather shoes, as he gets more and more aroused.


Gay Amateur Male Model Marco

gay amateur male photo

This sexy Hispanic man has skin to die for as he gazes into the camera. He’s a beautiful young man that is exploring all that life has to offer and we are glad he is on our couch stroking that fat dick of his. Marco didn’t waste any time taking his clothes off to reveal his smooth body.

Stripping out of his underwear Marco was left standing there naked in front of the camera for the first time. Turning around he had him show his ass, and his backside was smooth, white, and he had a round, tight ass.

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