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Gay Amateur Male Models Wesley & Pierce

gay amateur male photo

Wesley is enjoying a glass of wine and techy stud Pierce shows up to set up Wesley’s TV. Once Pierce has shown Wesley how to use his new entertainment system, Wesley notices Pierce’s muscle bulging in his pants. Without any hesitation they kiss.

Slater like lion caged

Gay Amateur Male Model Angelo

gay amateur male photo

Watch Angelo at home as he gets out of bed and streches out for his morning training. Don’t miss this never-before-seen intimate look at one of the most popular male superstars.

Gay Amateur Male Models Michael & Scotty & Sean

gay amateur male photo

Though both Michael and Scotty make compelling arguments for their position, moderator Sean cannot definitively decide who is the winner of the debate. Not wanting to declare it a tie, he tells them both that the winner will be whoever wants it the most. Momentarily confused, Michael wonders what Sean means, while Scotty immediately approaches Sean and begins to kiss his neck. Suddenly, Michael understands the routine, and he joins them, as both he and Scotty try to outdo each other kissing Sean.

Gay Amateur Male Models Sasha & Kris

gay amateur male photo

They sent Sasha & Kris to South America for some big events. One day when Dolph was out Sascha & Kris could not contain their love and shot this unplanned scene.


Gay Kissing Super Mario Brothers

Gay Amateur Male Models Boomer & Ziggy

gay amateur male photo

Ziggy. Strikingly handsome, blue-eyed, ripped and hairy model & dancer Ziggy would be called the total package no matter what he chose to do. He’s sexy and sexual, a versatile and dynamic performer who expresses himself in ways both subtle and pronounced. It’s easy to see why he is a member of the elite Haus of Banks brotherhood.

In an all-Haus Of Banks condom-less flip-fuck release Ziggy makes his CockyBoys debut opposite Haus founder Boomer! Boomer gets a very welcome wake-up call from Ziggy kisses and caresses his body and goes all in.


gay amateur male photo

Gay Amateur Male Model Deklan

Gay Amateur Male Model Ben

gay amateur male photo

Muscle model exclusive Ben is the rare kind of photogenic young muscle man that satisfies virtually every fantasy. Blond & hairy with a ripped muscle body he’s the All-American athlete, the sweet guy next door, the tough masculine outdoors man, or maybe something more. It’s up to you to decide once you see this hot man in action. They don’t come any better than this Bostonian. Ben is their first exclusive model.

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