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Phone Distraction Turns Physical Attraction

Jack Dyer & JD Travis

Meeting in the gym for the first time Jack and JD compare their bodies.

Jake Masked Beefcake

Popular model Jakes puts on a good show.

Rikk York & Angel Ventura

After a long workout Angel has a sore back. Rikk helps him out with a massage.

Travis & Ashton Beefcake Gay Amateur Men

Tight muscle hunk, Travis is glued to his phone like most people; but, when pretty beefcake royalty, Ashton saunters in, sexy as hell. He is ready for action, his charms are hard to resist. Summers snuggles up behind his tasty target and turns that charm up to 100, making Travis forget all about his phone. The hard bodied hotties get intimate and naughty, tearing at each other’s clothes as Ashton zeros in.

Luke & Kurt Beefcake Gay Amateur Men

Sophomores Luke and Kurt are bummed that they aren’t going to get to be roommates like last year. They’re especially sad because they were such good “cuddle buddies”. Now when it’s time for lights out they won’t be able to crawl into each others beds. Kurt optimism brings Luke into better spirits. “Well… we’ll still have time to cuddle, I mean you’re roommates aren’t here right now”. The two guys go in for a hot make out session “just like old times.” And just like old times these two are making out.

Ryan Beefcake Gay Amateur Model

In the last days of summer in Australia they got a bunch of shoots done out on the roof before the weather turned cold. Ryan is becoming more comfortable with being outside after a roadside shoot last summer. Half way through getting into this scene his other mate pointed out a group of office women. Because they had crowded around a window to watch from the office building across the road. They like shooting with Ryan a lot. This 26 year old red headed beefcake model from Tasmania has got a light smattering of blond hair. And he doesn’t mind showing it off! He didn’t let the office staff get in the way.

Chris & Tanner Beefcake Gay Amateur Men

After a long workout, Chris and Tanner find themselves in the locker room at the same time. It’s clear from Chris’ bulging muscles that he had a long workout. Tanner is clearly interested in seeing more! Chris is happy to show him, and they make out intensely in the locker room.

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