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Smooth Lean Body Hunk Poolside

Scotty Beefcake Amateur Gay Model

It’s midday and one good looking hunk named Scotty relaxes poolside. His lounge chair is comfortable. The oil on his skin is fragrant as it absorbs golden rays. Scotty grows restless. His body is warm. A bit of relaxing leads Scotty to seek refreshment in a shallow portion of the pool. He removes his shirt to feel the cool in every crevice of his body. He gently thrusts his body up and down, making the water ripple. You’ll watch him enjoy the essence of summer as he continues to show off his beefcake body. Join Scotty and let your own senses be filled.

Dale & Gavin Beefcake Amateur Gay Models

Asian beefcake model with the pierced lip is Dale. He lives in the San Francisco bay area, and has been promising the producers a visit for quite some time. But between school and work, it’s been tough.

If Dale’s smiling face looks vaguely familiar to some San Francisco Bay Area residents. That is because he’s a regular club goer. He lists weekly visits to places like Dragan among his activities.

Gavin just hit town from Nashville Tennessee. He was curious about modelling with an Asian guy. Considering that Nashville, TN isn’t exactly central, he had never seen an Asian man before.

Putting beefcake models together for a shoot after an intro at Starbucks, is always risky. You never know how they will perform on camera.

Chad & Scotty Beefcake Amateur Gay Model

Chad is running a small massage business. Lucky for him, beefcake model Scotty is referred to him for tension releasing massage. Chad knows exactly what he wants to do to relax him. He rubs Scotty’s muscular body. Scotty’s body is really tense but Chad knows how to handle this situation. So much for the massage as their shirts come off.

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